Why Byjus is Considered a Hot Topic of Controversies

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Why Byjus is Considered a Hot Topic of Controversies
24 Dec 2021
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SRK and Byjus controversy is not the only coup created by the purposeful brand. In the past, Byjus has gotten into trouble multiple times. Read on to discover more! #ThinkWithNiche

The claims of a hostile workplace atmosphere are not confined to Byjus. There has been a slew of such claims leveled against other companies. Startups that are income thirsty to please their investment employers or recruit new ones provide a trend of the negative corporate culture. Unskilled entrepreneurs frequently fail to establish a sense of purpose in their organizations. Firms often operate with a small staff, and people must wear several roles. Many may grumble about having to work longer hours for a certain pay. In companies, duties are seldom properly delineated, and workers are unaware of any progress.

To mask the anguish of employees working inside the startup culture, inflatable seats, pinball equipment, and sophisticated nomenclature are frequently utilized. Byjus has always been running in the circle, a visual of a sales rep from Byjus Jammu and Kashmir network insulting his team member in the most unprofessional way, including plenty of name-callings, surfaced on social media networks once and made quite a lot of stir. Ex-employees began coming in with comparable or at worst professional experiences at Byjus shortly after the video was released.

A fundamental flaw in the entrepreneurial corporate culture is the lack of clarity in the hierarchy. Entrepreneurs frequently attract seasoned individuals with the necessary abilities who are inclined to abandon secure employment to gain immediate money via massive wages and share options. However, structural disputes arise as a result of this. Inexperienced managers lead teams of highly talented and experienced workers at startups. Adjustment becomes a difficult effort for pros.

Byjus was also accused by the complainants of working with Twitter and YouTube to suppress videos and messages that were damaging to the company's culture. Byjus management is accused of directly threatening employees to remove the posts from social media networks. Byjus, on the other hand, has refuted any reports of a severely poisonous workplace atmosphere. It is unfair for a son to reap the painful crop of his father's faults, just as it is wrong for a son to bear the brunt of his father's sins. The involvement of Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan in the L'affaire cruise narcotics bust has yet to be determined. However, this does not negate Byjus' decision to remove SRK as its household name.

In the case of Byjus, it can be asserted without reservation that happy clients were important in its popularity, particularly during the lock-down times when schools and universities were closed. At home, parents conduct the combined roles of nurturing and educating. Those are the ones who determine whether or not a teaching aid is useful. Byjus is nothing more than a virtual smart class that takes place outside of traditional classrooms. Smart classes received nearly universal appreciation, both among students and their parents, even before Byjus left an impact on the Indian education firmament.

As a result, Byju's reaction was natural rather than a motivated one. It is solely other brands’ responsibility to explain why the consumer durables brand has opted not to fall into line.


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