To Be An Entrepreneur and Being Women of Color

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To Be An Entrepreneur and Being Women of Color
01 Dec 2021
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Colored women face challenges while beginning their business careers. Women entrepreneurs face additional challenges due to racial prejudice. It increases the pressure on them to grow their respective enterprises. These obstacles need to be uprooted from the community. So are we doing? #ThinkWithNiche

With over 1.5 million colored women company owners in the United States of America, accounting for approximately 60% of all colored company owners, colored women entrepreneurs are one of the fastest-growing categories of women-owned firms in the country. Even though colored women entrepreneurs have had a lot of success in the last ten years, there are still obstacles to overcome.

Let us know the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and being women of color?

Cutting through the so-called norms

It is widely assumed that African women prioritize their mothering roles and family/domestic duties above pursuing a career/advancement through? Entrepreneurship? If they have to choose a career, they would rather work in a safe, risk-free environment than start their firm.

Absence of Portrayal

Women entrepreneurs have traditionally been the lone community in the work ecosystem around the world. While women have made progress in the boardrooms, there is still a long way to go when it comes to African American women, in roles of power.

Lack of Mentorship

Mentorship has traditionally been a key component of early-stage business success. Mentorship offers a great opportunity to learn from someone who has faced similar challenges and setbacks in their career. There are few mentorship possibilities for colored women entrepreneurs who are aware of the special hurdles that come with being both a woman and a person of color.

Lack Of Capital

Obtaining finance is also a significant barrier for the vast majority of African American entrepreneurs, particularly color women founders. Women generally are unable to establish or scale a business due to a lack of capital injection and aid. In the meantime, their lesser income and wealth make it more difficult for them to obtain small company loans.

Until all this ends, this is what can be done.


It isn't to say that you shouldn't be yourself or that you should be a phony. It means that you don't let tiny provocations get the worse out of you. You don't want your coworkers to watch you sweat. Save it for until you come home and can complain to your partner, mother, or even your dog. Whatever you choose, stay courteous and lovely because the world cannot taint your heart.

Don’t Copy to Show Equality

All because your white or non-black counterpart can pull off a pair of trousers, and a blouse doesn't imply you should. Wear slacks or formal pants with a great matching outfit instead. Little things count, and they may make a big difference.

Put your hand up and share your wisdom by speaking up

Make it clear to your colleagues and supervisor that you are where you are for a reason. It's not because of positive discrimination or anything. If you regularly share your level of experience with others, you might begin to earn their respect and progress up the professional ladder.

Push Your Boundaries

Continue to look for ways to increase your networks and circles, push past your comfort zones, and broaden your comfort zones to gain access to other sources of finance.

Get Stronger Together 

You can learn from the experiences of successful businesswomen by establishing new relationships with them while running and beginning your own business.

The Motivation Behind the Article

Despite the harsh reality, colored women entrepreneurs continue to strive and thrive in the face of adversity. With the quick increase in women's educational level and their increased engagement in sectors, such as finance, accountancy, apparel, fashion, multi-media, healthcare, education, training, technology, and hospitality, we have seen an increase in successful women entrepreneurs.

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