Is INDEPENDENCE DAY just a Holiday celebration

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Is INDEPENDENCE DAY just a Holiday celebration
13 Aug 2021
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Is Independence day just a Holiday celebration? Lets read more about our India and how we should celebrate. #ThinkWithNiche

While India commemorates its 74th anniversary of independence, a population of citizens are annoyed that it fell on a Sunday. When you first saw the 2021 calendar, did you also just said the exact words to yourself, "Yaar, is baar ki chutti mari gayi!!

“Is the independence day confined to a simple celebration, when you purchase a flag from a needy kid who runs up to you when you wait in the traffic jam?” we wonder. Oh! I'm also mistaken; the statistics indicate that sales of our national flag have decreased this year. 

WOW!! What now? 

Isn't it strange that we don't even have the right to buy alcohol on our freedom day? why is it called a dry day?  Why are we compelled to close our workplaces?

We also demonstrate our appreciation for the national anthem by like and sharing photos on different social media platforms.

And also, What’s better than Tokyo 2020 Olympics winners been invited by Prime minister for independence day celebration. 

Is that the end of it? Isn't it possible to modify the way we commemorate our country's independence day? Isn't it possible for us to do something important on this day — help a child? Is it possible to plant a tree? Isn't it time we cleaned up our area?

What are your thoughts? How should we commemorate our country's independence


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