The Pandemic Prompted Many Businesses To Make A Radical Decision

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The Pandemic Prompted Many Businesses To Make A Radical Decision
24 Aug 2021
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The previous year has been challenging for many firms and their employees, and employee burnout has become a big issue for many organisations.#ThinkWithNiche.

After seeing her employees' "complete, soul-crushing exhaustion" during a Zoom discussion, one entrepreneur took the risk of closing her business for a month to give them some rest and re-energizing time. "I decided to offer our whole team the month of August off—paid," explains Kate Compton Barr, co-founder and CEO of pip & grow, a firm that provides sleep solutions for new families. Anyone who checks their email, fills orders, runs advertisements, or creates new products will be cut off. There isn't anything that has to be done. None.” A newborn safety and sleep support membership program, as well as a baby sleep handbook, are in the works. Compton Barr, on the other hand, has chosen a different approach. It's known as the anti-hustle because, rather than encouraging [workers] to hustle, she encouraged them to rest.

Making The Most Of The Shutdown

Employees are putting in place a slew of procedures to keep the firm running throughout the shutdown. Among these are:

  • Offering significant discounts for large orders made prior to the stoppage in B2B sales To help support the pause, B2B partners should put their orders in as soon as possible so that they may be filled before the break.
  • On automated technology that will enable orders to be filled even when employees are not present.
  • While the firm is shutting down, The Mother of All Baby Sleep Books will be released more swiftly in order to generate some money.
  • ensuring that consumers are informed of the impending break so that they may place an order in plenty of time
  • Customers are requested to be patient and kind. "I believe everyone recognises the importance of a break after this year, and we anticipate that our customers will be patient with us," Compton Barr says.

To no one's surprise, the company's social media announcement of the move drew praise and many employment inquiries, even from Fortune 500 executives. Despite the overwhelming positive response, Compton Barr alleges that several company owners have questioned her whether she's insane. Compton Barr regretted not utilising Zoom to view the emotions of her six full-time workers when it came time to inform them. Several couples were concerned that they wouldn't have a job in September, but she comforted them.

Employee Burnout Means Less Productivity, Creativity

"To be given the opportunity to take a break and recover with my family makes me feel extremely grateful," says Kelly DuVall, creative director of pip & grow. "I'm confident we'll be re-energized and refreshed when we return!" This last year as a working mom has been challenging, confesses CMO Sarah Nau, but she appreciates the opportunity to work and care for her family. For your company's consideration, "This has been a difficult year. This year has been a historical first. And then to receive a paid month off on top of that is incredible! To ensure that Pip remains around for a long time, it has encouraged me to work as hard as I possibly can." Compton Barr claims she made the decision quickly, but it has been simmering for a while. She admits that a probable income reduction is concerning, and she is working hard to ensure that there is enough money in the bank to enable the firm to continue, whatever the outcome. Employees, on the other hand, are collaborating to make the pause a success. In the long run, she expects to see happier employees, more creativity, and a deeper connection to the company. Our items will be better, cooler, and more helpful as a result of the break. They make tired judgments and do tired labour as a result of their fatigue."

End The “Hustle” Culture That Leads To Employee Burnout

Entrepreneurial "hustle" is something Compton Barr would like to see eliminated since it is harmful to one's health, well-being, and relationships. Despite the fact that the pandemic permitted (and forced) many changes, "the enticing lure of hustling" is becoming stronger again, according to Compton Barr. Because not all business owners have the luxury of taking time off, she encourages others to consider it. "At pip, we'll think that our items are worthwhile, and that consumers who want to buy them will appreciate how much we care about our staff," she says. It is my genuine desire that additional business owners would follow in my footsteps.


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