The Art Of Upskilling Yourself: How To Remain At The Top Of The Corporate Chain

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The Art Of Upskilling Yourself: How To Remain At The Top Of The Corporate Chain
13 Sep 2021
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Acquiring new skills and polishing old ones is an important part of being in a profession. Unless you do that, you risk falling behind others and even losing your job. So learn about upskilling and the art of learning new skills in 5 easy ways.#ThinkWithNiche

We live at a time where competition among employees is cut-throat. Close your eyes for a bunch of seconds and you risk falling behind. And falling behind in this scenario means losing out on your job or getting stuck in an unworthy position. Both of these scenarios will affect your growth as an employee as well as a human. Hence upskilling yourself is not a luxury but a necessity of the times we live in. To constantly climb the corporate ladder or even generally move ahead in your career, you’ll have to invest some time and resources in acquiring new and updating old skills. 

Recent surveys show an upsurge in the number of employees who constantly upskill themselves on the job. Some do it once a week, some once a month while others do it only once a year. Here too, it is needless to say that the ones who only upskill themselves once a year have a greater chance of falling behind. 

Upskilling yourself doesn’t necessarily mean learning a new skill; it also means polishing an already acquired skill and keeping yourself up-to-date. Many people don’t know this difference and hence hesitate in investing resources in themselves. The fear of something new triumphs the passion to move ahead. But since you are here, we hope that you are not one amongst them. You want to get ahead in your career and maximize your potential. Here are few exciting tips to upskill yourself. Read till the end.

1. Ask For New Opportunities At Your Workplace 

You can never learn anything new unless you deliberately seek it out. Asking for new projects that are seemingly out of your expertise will allow you to learn new skills and expand your network. You’ll be working with a whole new team and it will help you learn how to lead a team and other skills like that. As for specific skills, a new project will require you to learn a bunch of new skills that will boost your confidence and give your career a boost. 

2. Work On Your Soft Skills 

Soft skills refer to all your character traits that affect your interpersonal relationship with your colleagues and your superiors. The significance of these soft skills has gone up in the past decade or so where earlier it didn’t hold that much importance at the workplace but now one can easily climb up the corporate ladder by developing or working on their soft skills. To satisfy this need, you can work on your soft skills in various ways such as taking responsibility for all your actions, gaining leadership qualities, develop personal relationships with employees, etc. 

3. Stay Up-to-Date 

There’s nothing worse than an employee or professional who is way out-of-touch from his profession that they don’t know the latest trends and developments. Hence, it’s important to stay updated and have knowledge of what’s going on in your profession. Only then will you be able to learn new skills. 

4. Embrace Technology 

If you haven’t gotten around to learning more about the recent technological advances in your profession, then you are risking unemployment. It’s as simple as that. Most people who lose their jobs do so because they are unable to wrap their heads around the new tech. The only way to move ahead is to accept that technology is the driving force in a lot of professions and it’s better to learn how the steering wheel works. 

5. Sign Up For Training programs 

An easy way to learn new skills is to sign up for exciting training programs, whether at your office or outside of it. You can easily learn a new skill from a good training program while being on the job. That’s one of the many perks of this tip.

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