6 Ways to Find Freelancing Writing Jobs

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6 Ways to Find Freelancing Writing Jobs
25 Nov 2021
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It's difficult to find a good quality freelancing content writing job. Finding decent work will take a lot more time and effort than actually writing. Here are six ideas for finding good quality freelancing writing gigs to make your life easier. #ThinkWithNiche

Content writing is a great way to build your freelancing writing career. It's one of the best work from the home profession. All you need is a working internet connection, good knowledge of writing, and a knack for expressing yourself clearly. If you've got all three, content writing falls right in your alley.

However, as a beginner, finding a freelancing writing job can be difficult. I mean, there are plenty of bad jobs out there, but obtaining high-quality, meaningful writing work may be a challenging effort in and of itself. If you are a writer looking for a job, you've probably seen recommendations for Craigslist for content writing jobs, but is that really a good idea? Hence we have come up with 7 ways to find good quality freelancing writing gigs. These tips will surely help you get some good work so read thoroughly.

1. Cold Pitching

One of the best ways to find a freelancing writing gig is to cold pitch to clients. Cold Pitching, for those who don't know, is a tactic where you contact a brand, websites, bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc., and pitch to them, ideas with which you can help them grow their business. Maybe a company doesn't have a blog when they should, and you'll end up earning their trust and landing a good writing job.

2. Respond to Job Board Ads

This is again a tested way to get good quality writing gigs. All you have to do is to find writing job ads on social media and websites. Websites like Upwork or Guru will help you find good writing gigs without having to bet on them. There are many other great freelancing websites but they require betting so it's a good way to start small and build your resume to the top.

3. Go To Twitter

Another great way to job hunt is to go through the tweets of Job Boards. You'd be surprised to know how many writers end up finding good writing work through Twitter. This is the power of social media. You can get a paid job with just one click.

4. Surf Through Your Contacts

It's good to let your friends, acquaintances, family members, know that you are venturing into freelance writing. That's the best part about freelancing; you never know where your next gig will come from. You can start by writing resumes, applications, writing ads for shops, etc.

5. Set up Your Website

This advice is for freelancers who are at an intermediate level, where you have done some good writing work. If you are at that level, a great way to attract high-paying clients is to set up your website. You can comfortably display all your writing gigs on the website. You can list your blog, social media, paid work, ads, etc. all on your website.

6. Write Guest Posts For Free

That's right! Sometimes to get good quality work, you need to tell people you are worthy of it. To establish yourself as a good writer, you can write blogs, posts, articles for popular websites for free. This way clients will see your name on popular websites and would be willing to work with you.


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