Seven Mysterious Flowers Around The World

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Seven Mysterious Flowers Around The World
15 Nov 2021
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There is nothing in nature that compares to the beauty of flowers. However, you won't be able to view all the lovely blooms in your garden. Some flowers are so uncommon that they bloom even after decades, while others are bizarre. Here are some of the weirdest and most intriguing uncommon flowers you've ever seen. #ThinkWithNiche

7 Mysterious Flowers Around The World

Flowers are a natural wonder, with their full blossoming smile. They contribute to the beauty of the planet. Flowers are always intriguing, whether they are the most beautiful or the strangest. There are over 40000 different types of flowers in the world. Let's take a look at some of the world's most beautiful, odd, and fascinating flowers.

1. Corpse Flower

The corpse flower is one of the world's biggest and rarest flowers. It blooms just once every 30-40 years and may reach a height of 20 feet. The corpse flower is the world's most fragrant flower. This enormous flower has a rotting meat-like stench when it blooms, thus the name Corpse flower. Only low-lying jungles in Indonesia are home to corpse flowers. The corpse flower's exterior layer is green, while the inner layer is dark crimson. Because the corpse flower is so uncommon, the botanical gardens where it blooms, which are mostly in Sumatra, are protected by law.

2. Flame Lily

Family Lily is considered Zimbabwe's national flower. Because components of it are dangerous, it should be handled with caution. Fire Lily and splendor Lily are two more frequent names for this flower. Flame Lily is a delicate herbaceous vine with a strong tuberous base. The leaves are simple, strap-like, and have a tendril-like tip, and alternate or appear opposite one other. The blooms are 6-parted, yellow, or red, with wavy borders, and grow on tall stalks. They should be trained on a trellis for support, but too much handling will destroy the stems. All portions, especially the tubers that resemble yams, are toxic. This plant is extremely poisonous and can be lethal if consumed.

3. Chocolate Cosmos

Have you considered a chocolate-scented flower? From early summer to late fall, velvety dark red-brown blooms on long, thin, reddish-brown stalks bloom. Chocolate cosmos is a fragile perennial with tuberous roots that is native to Mexico and maybe overwintered indoors if not hardy. Plant in a border or containers so the blooms may be seen up close and personal. It is said to have been extinct in the wild for almost a century. These flowers' clones may now be found in protected places. It has a rich, deep brown color and smells like chocolate, therefore the name.

4. Youtan Poluo

The most intriguing aspect is that there is no scientific name for this flower species. Youtan Poluo is small white blooms with a diameter of less than a centimeter. It is quite little and emits a sandalwood-like odor. Youtan Poluo is one of the world's most fascinating plants. Youtan poluo is supposed to blossom just once every 3000 years. According to legend, the blooming of youtan poluo is a sign of the Buddha's reincarnation. That is why blossoming takes 3000 years. Youtan poluo is occasionally found in China, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. Much research is being conducted to discover the secret underlying the rise of youtan poluo.

5. Jade Vine

Jade vine blooms are mysteriously gorgeous and come in a variety of colors. It's a rare flower from the pea and bean family. The Jade Vine may reach a height of 3 meters. This lovely blossom ranges in hue from blue to light green. These claw-shaped blooms are on the verge of extinction due to the destruction of their native environment. It can only be found in the Philippines' rainforest. Because bats pollinate Jade Vine, it has a light aspect at night. Jade Vine is extremely rare due to natural pollinators and continually changing environmental circumstances.

6. Blue Passion Flower

The Blue Passion is thought to have been found in Peru and formally delivered to Pope Paul V by the Spanish Jesuits. The Blue Passion blossom is officially up to bat in terms of significance. Giacomo Bosio, a 16th-century scholar, called the passion flower "La Flor de las Cinco Llagas," or "The Flower of the Five Wounds." Many people think that this one-of-a-kind bloom was employed as a symbolic teaching aid in the conversion of Peru's original Indians to Christianity. The Blue Passion Flower has a great therapeutic value and can help with headaches, cramps, and anxiety, among other things.

7. Snapdragon

The Antirrhinum features an intriguing blossom called the Dragon flower or Snapdragon, which may be found in rocky parts of Europe, America, and North Africa. The lovely flower petals resemble a dragon's face, which opens and closes like the mouth when squeezed. However, once the petals have faded and fallen off, just the seed pod remains, which has a horrific appearance since it resembles a skull. Snapdragons were thought to have mystical abilities by ancient societies.

To sum it up, we must say, Mother Nature never fails to astonish us. With its strange mysterious blossoms, it has again made us go surprised making us sound ‘Wow” with wide-opened- eyes.

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