Cracking The Dress Codes For Office Or Business

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Cracking The Dress Codes For Office Or Business
31 Jul 2021
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After the blow of the Pandemic all around the world, the workforce for all the different sectors has made their way out to work from their respective homes. But the dress codes have been prominent when it comes to working for a business, whether you are working from home or office.#ThinkwithNiche

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As the young generation has taken over the trends, casual attires have become quite normal. But according to a few research, it has been found that 55% of the business or office has their unique dress codes. Let’s dive deep into the different dress codes that need to be maintained.

Four vivid types of dress codes are operated in almost all of the business or corporate offices. They are Business professional, Business formal, Casual, and Business casual.

Business Professional

It is a traditional form of wear but less conservative if compared to business professional attire. There are variations of hues and colors when it comes to business professionals. Patterns and colors are allowed in the ties to showcase the flexibility. Women are accessorizing themselves with jewelry along with the combination of classic skirts or suits matched with a watch or pieces of statement jewelry.

Business Formal

This attire is almost accepted and applauded when it comes to high professionalism. The suits are tailored matched with ties that don’t look much flashy or eye-catching. For women, a suit paired with pants or a skirt is always appreciated with a minimal amount of accessories. The maintenance of high standards and rich professionalism oozes out with this kind of attire.


This is the most amicable way of dressing with the tinge of professionalism. This kind of attire can be quite exotic yet professional. The clothes are needed to be ironed neatly depending on the profession the individual is into. For males, casual pants with polo or sweaters would certainly do the magic. For the women, there is sheer liberty to wear well-fitted blouses and tops or even skirts with slacks. Experimenting with colors is one of the fortes when it comes to casual dressing.

Business casual is one of the most pleasing sense of attire when it comes to working for offices. If your office permits you to wear business casual, you get a clear ticket that it is not mandatory to wear suits and stockings for work each day. But the sense of professionalism should be highly maintained. Button-ups are allowed for men whereas women prefer to wear slacks, skirts, jackets, or cardigans. There is no discrimination or objection when it comes to wearing jewelry at the office with this attire.


There are no rules and obligations when it comes to dressing codes while working from home. The dress can be casual but not revealing. It is always preferred to avoid wearing night wears and pajamas if there are situations where you might have to deal with the client.

What you wear defines you!

Make sure to wear your dress the way you want to present or express yourself. You don’t need to be flashy and formal to mingle with the authority of business but be comfortable in whatever you wear as long as it makes you peaceful and satisfied. It is always advisable to wear something decent as you represent your company as a whole.