Create Nickle From Pickle

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Create Nickle From Pickle
30 Aug 2021
7 min read

Blog Post

 Did you have your lunch today? Well, if it was at your home, you surely would have craved something sour along with your regular meal. Yes, right there fits pickle in your everyday meal. In a country as diverse as India, where you can find a variety of spices, pickles are found in huge varieties, especially in northern India. This small, part of the everyday meal can get your pockets heavy. Let’s see how!#ThinkWithNiche

You may have seen these huge food corporations spreading their root in markets. Where? Well, let me take you to the shelves of supermarkets. You’ll easily get to see a variety of products that you take as supplements in daily life lined from one end to the other. Yes, these products come at an affordable price, in a nice packaged manner, but what you don’t manage to see is the chemical preservatives mixed with them. Now, this is a problem that has an easy and simple solution. 

This problem opens a niche to the business of homemade products like the one we talked about pickles. This blog is especially for those housewives who have spare time in their daily routine. And the following steps will let you know how you can enter and excel at this business.

1. Make your source limitless

When you are about to start this business, the first most thing you need to keep in mind is that you should never run out of your raw material, i.e., you must always keep at least two different and highly reliable resources that can fulfil your raw material needs like fruits, vegetables, and spices.

2. Get yourself a license

Create a blueprint of how you are going to function and get yourself registered. This not only lets you get your business official but also brings a little bit of seriousness to the business.

3. Gather buddies

Gathering local housewives is an easy process. This has a lot of benefits, at first, you are creating employment, hence contributing to the economy., and second, this encourages women empowerment. And the most important, India being diverse at every next step, you can try out different and uncommon recipes of making pickles.

4. The Making

First of all, before starting your supply, get it through a test. Make samples of all the types of pickles you want to start off with, then get it under a trial run to gain the feedback and improve accordingly if need be. Keep on trying new recipes for creating a huge variety for customers.

5. Packaging

Now, since you are creating an authentic product, which is totally organic and homemade, keep in mind so is your packaging. Packaging plays a huge role in this case. You must keep in mind that your packaging is environmentally friendly and doesn’t exploit any resources.

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Start with your own locality, spread awareness of the work you are doing. Gain confidence in people that your product is not only homemade but is also authentic and comes at a reasonable cost. Once you create this confidence through your product. All you have to do is continue this process slowly and steadily and the rest will be done through mouth publicity.