Reasons to Love a Scorpio

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Reasons to Love a Scorpio
11 Nov 2021
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There are several reasons to love a Scorpio, from work to relationships check the awesome bucket list to love a Scorpio #ThinkWithNiche

Scorpio zodiac signs are the most mysterious people on the earth but it’s okay to be mysterious. Born between October 23rd and November 21st, there is a certain uniqueness imbibed in this zodiac sign which makes them one kind of peculiar. All the greatest personalities of all time are born under this zodiac sign – may it be Anne Hathaway, Dicaprio, Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton, etc. Scorpio is the most special breed and a rare one in the list of all zodiac signs. It is very challenging to notice their traits since their mysterious persona makes them hard to fully open themselves. But, fret not; they can be loved in return, as love is the greatest gift bestowed on mankind. Let’s see some reasons to love a Scorpio.  

Here are some reasons to love a Scorpio

1. A SCORPIO’s LOVE IS VERY INTENSE- A Scorpio is born with intense fierceness. Their love is extremely intense. When you love them, their love goes beyond the beautiful depth of the ocean. They love a person of their own kind which is a most lovable aspect of them. They don’t give their hearts very easily but when they do, they can make all heaven come down for you! Their biggest fear is attracting betrayal from those whom they love from the bottom of their hearts. The first thing they do to test whether the lover is good or bad is test them, yes! Because of this test, they learn to grow the pros and cons of that person. They learn a person's worth when the test is completed. For them, love is the most special feeling, thus when they love someone, they love them till their last breath. This makes it hard for a Scorpion to choose a lover. It appears that letting down their guard for an outsider is challenging for them at times. Nobody can match the perfect level of intensity of a lover born as a Scorpion.

2. SCORPIONS ARE VERY FUNNY- A scorpion's best trait is the ability to make its lovers laugh till their stomachs hurt. It is a good deed to be funny, and it is even more intriguing for two people who come together in a relationship when you make your lover laugh. Their mysterious demeanor turns their charitable conversations into a laughing stock. This is one of the most unexpected factors of a Scorpion. We all once in a lifetime tend to crave partners who can do a good stand-up when we hit the bottom in life, but these Scorpions make the greatest comedians of all and the reason is that when they fall in love with someone, they love to make them laugh. It is like a loving dose for the love birds and helps to distress the past mistakes of the partners. They tend to relish a great sense of humor which is quite an unexpected trait in a zodiac sign. It may come across funny to some but offend others. In case you are a sensitive person, things coming out of a scorpion can leave you in splits and shell shocked. But, scorpions always enjoy a great conversation that is filled with intelligence and a deep sense of humor. You need to be careful since their humor can come lashing at you and you will be often displeased with it. But if you are a Capricorn then you are sure to enjoy the shot of a scorpion’s humor.

3. THEY ARE VERY TRUSTWORTHY- A scorpion can sting your ears, but believe me when I say that they are the most trustworthy creatures on the planet. Another reason to admire a Scorpion. They may have characteristics that do not appear to be ideal for you, but their ability to be trustworthy makes them excellent partners. It's the nicest feeling in the world to blindly trust your lover, and a scorpion is the ideal example of this. They are more likely to form a connection as a result of a trust battle. This prevents their partners from frequently leaving the room. Because of this trait, you fall in love with a scorpion.

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