Morning Habits To Boost Your Performance And Productivity

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Morning Habits To Boost Your Performance And Productivity
11 Apr 2022
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Your morning routine decides how the rest of your day will go. A great start to your morning can result in a great day ahead, and since it's just the start of the day, it's a great time to change your morning habits to change your entire week and eventually change your whole life. No, I am not kidding doing a few changes here and there to your morning routine can end up changing your whole life. #TWN

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“Oh My God! It’s Monday.” Every time we wake up, and it’s Monday, we all say these words, it ok to be in a bit weekend mood on Monday, but it’s not ok to be lazy throughout the week. Being lazy does not mean sleeping for long hours or not doing your dishes, but it means; Lack of productivity, not being able to perform at the workplace, and feeling sleepy even when you are doing things that you love. If are relating even a little bit with these words, it’s high time to take charge of your morning habits as these habits can decide how the rest of your day goes, so on this Monday, take a pledge to improve your morning routine, and yes after adapting to these new habits, you won’t even need caffeine to be active throughout your day.

Six Morning habits of successful people

  • Commit to a ritual: Perform a prayer, talk to your family, take your dog for a walk- whatever things that make you happy make them your morning ritual, as they lighten up your mood, and a relaxed mind is the most productive mind Dancer Twyla Tharp believes in rituals for both creativity and productivity. She wrote a book called "The Creative Habit." Where she wrote about her morning routine, which included waking up at 5:30 AM and dressing up, and going to the gym. Well, you don’t have to wake up at 5:30 or exercise. You simply need to create your routine and make it your morning ritual.

  • Clear your head: Meditation should be a part of your morning routine. Every successful person believes in deep meditation. You might find it hectic in the beginning, but, you will be able to see the difference pretty soon, you will feel much more relaxed, and you will feel much more active throughout the day.. Meditation can be of any type, even a good 8-hour sleep is a kind of meditation, but just sleeping for 8 hours is no good if you are waking up with a headache and feeling sleepy throughout the day. But you should avoid any kind of external support for deep sleep, like; pills, alcohol, or drugs. Light music or a hot shower can help you with your sleep. And you might be surprised if I told you that even exercise is a kind of meditation.

  • Make your bed: Even something as simple as making your bed in the morning can be very helpful in making your day more productive. This small act is your first step towards taking charge of your action, so start this practice, and this can even become part of the ritual we talked about earlier in this blog.

  • Eat a real breakfast: People tend to skip breakfast or eat just a toast in their breakfast, which is one of the worst mistakes, as a hungry stomach is one of the prime causes of loss of focus. Try to have a good breakfast; try to include whole grains in your breakfast like; Oats, Wholewheat, Rice, etc. Whole Eggs can also be a great breakfast option as they are a great source of protein as well as carbs.

  • Make a to-do list: A to-do list will make your day much more organized and will also help you with time management. Try to create a to-do list every morning. It may feel a bit hectic at the start, but believe me, you will be able to accomplish much more goals throughout the day if you have targets to achieve.

  • Write: Writing has incredible powers. It is often said, “ Poets write what they can’t speak.” And it is true to a great extent. Hence you also create a habit of writing. Write down your routine, write down about your life, and write down about the things you love and hate (include people if you want). Writing calms down and clears up your mind and helps you focus on things that you on the things that actually matter.

Billionaires Morning Routine 

After waking up, close your eyes for a few more seconds and think about the day ahead. Now think about your aspirations, and finally, think about people you admire. Now that you have imagined the people you admire. Now, let’s look at the morning routines of the people who are inspirations for billions and are also earning Billions.

  • Jeff Bezos: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos always makes sure to have eight hours of sleep each night and is a strong believer in waking up naturally, without an alarm. Ditching the alarm clock helps your body in a much more calm manner, instead of waking up suddenly like in the case of the alarm clock.

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: He is a member of the 4 AM workout club. Dwayne wakes up even before the sun and goes for a cardio session. According to the Rock, this morning routine keeps him energized all day long.

  • Jeff Weiner: The LinkedIn Ceo starts his day with morning meditation. In fact, he wakes up at 5:30 AM each morning and starts his day by going through his emails. Then he goes for a workout and meditates for at least an hour, and after he has his breakfast, and is ready for work by 9 AM.

  • Jerry Seinfeld: Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld is a strong believer in “No Snooze” instead, he forces himself out of the bed, soaks in some sunlight, turns on the radio, and says goodbye to his sleep with a cold splash of water on his face. He also functions just fine without any caffeine.

  • Warren Buffet: He is a big believer in reading the news early morning. In one of his interviews with CNBC, he said that he starts the day with the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Forbes. Just like him, even his best friend and one of the richest men in the world, Mr. Bill Gates starts his day with New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


Morning habits can greatly affect your entire day, some of us do not take the morning routine very seriously, but these habits are much more crucial than you think. Even things as simple as drinking water can greatly influence your upcoming tasks of the day. So, try to follow the habits mentioned above, but these habits are not at all limited; you can follow any habit that helps get through the day, cause in the end, the only thing that matters is your satisfaction.