Mirror Your True self: Know Who You Are

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Mirror Your True self: Know Who You Are
06 Jan 2022
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Knowing yourself is very important to becoming a successful person. We may think this is what we want, this is our happiness, but often we pressurize ourselves to be happy. So, first, find yourself, know who you are and what you want. Here are some amazing steps to uncover your individuality. #ThinkWithNiche

Knowing yourself is very much important to jump one step ahead of success. When you know yourself, you will become more confident, you will understand your purpose, and you will begin making a bigger impact on the world. You will be able to find happiness. We always judge others but rarely come to check our own qualities. Before judging others, judge yourself.

These are some processes by which you can find who you really are?

1. Be Inward

There is a famous quote that, “Silence is never empty, it’s full of answers.” That is why silence can give you the true answer. Sit in a quiet place and ‘Go Within.’ Try to find your true self. Who you are, what actually you want, why are you here? Find all the answers to those blank questions. Remaining silent and having deep thinking is very important. Have time to meditate once a day.

2. Find your Strength and Weaknesses

Finding your true self obviously will include finding your strength and weaknesses. Finding one’s strengths and weakness is a very important step to becoming successful. But how? If you can identify your weaknesses, there will be scope to rectify them. It will be easy to overcome the weaknesses if you can point them out. And if you can identify your strength, you can focus on it and flourish. It is very fuzzy to beat around the bush. So, pointing out your strength is also very important to make your talent more polished.

3. Evaluate Yourself

As you now know, what is your strength and weaknesses, it’s time to evaluate you. Think about your goal. Your capabilities and strength will help you to find your goal. Practice that and do a self-evaluation of it. The self-evaluation shall be the first priority. Think and rethink and your attitude and behavior. Think positive and be a mentor of your own. Give marks to yourself unbiasedly. Motivate yourself, treat a gift to yourself for your success.

4. Look For Your Happiness

Don’t find your goal haphazardly. First, find what you are good at and question yourself if you are happy with it. Don’t pressure yourself to do anything. Finding your happiness means finding your success. You may think how happiness and success are directly proportionate? Of course, it is. If you are happy with your work, no one can stop you or make you bored from doing it. You will do what you are happy with more and more. The more you practice, the more you are in that work you will be polished in it and the expert of it. So, always choose your happiness over anything. You are a special person to yourself, and keep yourself embraced.

5. Ask Others’ Feedback

Now, after all these trials are over, go for some additional checks. We indeed judge others more than own ourselves. So, others may know you well. Go to your parents, friends, and relatives, ask for their feedback about yourself. Ask them what is good about you and what they don’t like about you. Other’s feedback often can be useful for your flourishment. But avoid negative people's feedback, always ask for feedback from those people who cherish you and love you.


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