Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate the Healthier One

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Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate the Healthier One
16 Nov 2021
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Chocolates, Ummm! The mere word makes you crazy! Chocolates are a universal favorite. We all know that chocolates are healthy also but between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, which is the healthier one, let us find out,#ThinkWithNiche

Ummmm! Chocolates! You jump with joy at the mere sound of the word. This lip-smacking treat is a favorite with people of all ages. Whether it is a kid or an adult, everyone loves Oobli chocolates. The Chocó cubes burst in your mouth, creating magic that lingers on for a long time. You get lost in the milky whirlpool of rich luscious taste and forget everything. Such is the charm of chocolates!

Milk Chocolates: A Silky Ocean of Love!

Many of us love milk chocolates only. They are high in popularity, especially in India. They are rich in taste and creamier. Oh! I must pick up a bar of chocolate first because now my mouth is watering! The Dairy Milk Fruit 'n' Nut, is a great one! It has nuts accompanying milk solids and cocoa beans to give the tasty nutty punch in every bite! We also have the Dairy Milk 'Silky' that gets you drenched in the silky ocean of chocolate. In comparison, the Dark chocolates fall short in terms of fan-following, but they are also revered by many! In the west especially, we see Dark chocolates having more takers.

Dark Chocolates: The Sweet Taste of Bitterness!

Dark chocolates come in many flavors and aromas. Their specialty is that they come without milk solids and are high on cocoa beans. It makes them deeper in taste. They have a sweet-bitter taste which allures many people. They love to dive into the deep rich taste of bitterness! ‘Brookside’ dark candies are very popular as are ‘Lindt’ Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate bars.

Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate: The Healthier One!

The irony is that generally, the things associated with health are not tasty. We have to eat them with a heavy heart. The good thing here is that chocolates are also healthy. The big question, however, is which is better, Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? The answer may come in with a tinge of disappointment for many. It is Dark Chocolate! Dark chocolates are more nutritious than Milk chocolates. They are rich in cocoa beans, while milk chocolates have more amounts of milk solids than cocoa beans.

There are some flavors of milk chocolates where coco is more, but it is present in diluted form. The dilution of coco takes away the nutritional value of the chocolates. In addition, Milk Chocolates also contain more sugar and fat, which prevents them from achieving the top spot as far as health is concerned. It is not that they are not nutritious but it is just that amount of cocoa is less as compared to Dark chocolates. The mantra of health lies in Cocoa beans.

Dark Chocolates: Rich source of Antioxidants

Dark Chocolates, as we have already read are rich in cocoa. Cocoa beans contain Flavonoids, a special type of antioxidants that are great for health. Flavonoids are an excellent source of antioxidants that helps the body to function more efficiently. It maintains cellular activity. It helps in protecting the body against stress and toxins.
Helps in Heart Disease: It has proved to be effective in reducing the amount of cell damage.
Lowers Blood Pressure: Flavonoids tend to bring improvement in vascular function, thus lowering Blood Pressure.
Good source of Vitamin C - Flavonoids are a rich source of Vitamin C that protects the body from inflammation.
Stabilize Sugar levels - Studies have proved that Flavonoids are very good in rendering stability to sugar levels.
Normalize Cholesterol: Flavonoids are known to normalize cholesterol levels also. So with Dark Chocolates, you do not need to worry about weight gains.
Having said this, we must note that excessive quantity of everything is dangerous. Dark Chocolates are nutritious, but this is not the last word. We need more research to come to an accurate result.


So we know now, which one is healthier, Milk Chocolates or Dark Chocolates! But still, if you are looking for a healthy option, fruits are the best choice. They are a good source of vitamins but once in a while, diving in that delicious pool of love is not criminal! So take a break, chocolate lovers, have a chunk of joy!


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