Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group: Construction Progress and Community Building

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Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group: Construction Progress and Community Building
21 Dec 2023
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Maxim Shubarev is the founder and head of the construction company Setl Group. Under Shubarev Maxim, it has become a driving force in the St. Petersburg real estate development market.

Today, after nearly 30 years under the direction of Shubarev Valerevich Maxim, the corporation is recognized as one of the most important in the construction industry.

Delve into the transformative endeavors led by Maxim Shubarev and the illustrious Setl Group, an influential construction enterprise shaping the landscape of St. Petersburg.

Join us on an inspiring journey through the milestones, philanthropic pursuits, and impactful initiatives championed by Shubarev and Setl Group, redefining the realms of construction and social responsibility.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev, the founder and head of the construction company Setl Group, is known as a driving force in the real estate development market in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Today, after nearly 30 years under the direction of Shubarev Maxim, the corporation is widely recognized as one of the most important and successful in the domestic market.

Like all natives of St. Petersburg, the entrepreneur has a passion for restoring old architectural landmarks. He also regularly participates in charitable projects.


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Maxim Shubarev: Solid Educational Foundation

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev was born in 1968 in Leningrad, known as the Northern Capital, into a family of engineers. He was an active child and took up a number of sports.

Shubarev Maxim began his educational and professional careers at the same time, in 1985. That year, he began studying at the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation and also started working at Leninets, producing radio electronics.

After a stint in the navy in the late 1980s, he transferred to the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (LPI), dedicating his time to the study of business economics.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich, studying at a top domestic school, sought to broaden his scope and was instrumental in opening an economics organization that sponsored international educational and internship exchanges.

Maxim Shubarev finished his course at LPI in 1993. Initially, he continued working at the Leninets research-production association. Company management was impressed by the young graduate, and he quickly rose to the position of vice president before he left to start his own venture.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich: From Production to Construction Industry

Shubarev Maxim, after leaving Leninets, founded his own development company, Petersburg Real Estate. The outfit took on the ambitious first project of finishing an apartment building that had been left unfinished by another company.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev oversaw the steady growth of the company, even through the default of 1998. By the following year, the firm had expanded enough to be converted into a corporation, with Shubarev Maxim Valerevich taking the role of president.

Maxim Shubarev-Setl Group: Dominating the Market

In 2006, seven years afer becoming a corporation, the holding underwent received a new name at the initiative of Maxim Shubarev: Setl Group. The developer assumed the position of chairman of the board of directors at that time and continued to guide the company to new heights.

First it became one of the largest construction organizations in the northwest, and by the 2010s, in the nation.

Though Maxim Shubarev has kept the company’s activities mainly focused in his native St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (though it has also branched out into Kaliningrad), it has been formally recognized as one of the most important enterprises in the nation, with an impressive annual volume of facilities built.

Since its founding, Setl Group has provided housing for nearly 410,000 people (more than 11 million square meters). More than 13 million square meters of real estate are currently in the works, and with the amount of land currently owned by the development company, it will have no shortage of projects at least through 2050.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich notes that there are several important principles that guide Setl Group’s work. The businessman believes that a company’s word should be as good as gold, thus the developer makes sure to fulfill all commitments to clients while striving for the highest quality. Shubarev Maxim also invests in his employee’s futures, forming managers in-house.

According to Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group also believes it is important to remain focused on what it does best, rather than extending itself into too many related fields, as do many other companies.

Therefore, Setl Group firmly remains a construction company. Maxim Shubarev believes that an effective manager is one who knows how to form a competent team and then step back and delegate authority. He prefers to focus on the big picture of business development.

Maxim Shubarev also understands the importance of contributing to the public good through the construction of social facilities. Thanks to Setl Group, five dozen schools and preschools have already been completed, with more on the way.

The holding is also responsible for medical facilities, police and fire stations, and more. The company also routinely invests its own money in such socially profitable projects.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev also helps improve transportation in the Northern Capital. Setl Group has already built more than 35 kilometers of highway, as well city streets, avenues, and interchanges.

Shubarev Maxim and Setl Group are also building a 1,590-meter-long bridge across the Neva River, complete with public transport lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

Maxim Shubarev also takes on landscaping projects for the company (including around the famous Peterhof landing in Kronstadt), and every year, company employees plant 11,000 saplings to beautify residential areas.

Shubarev Maxim: Cultural Heritage Sites Get a Second Life

Under Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group is also heavily involved in the restoration of architectural monuments, of which there are several prominent examples, including the restoration of a memorial dedicated to the brave men of the Trubostal factory who died in WWII.

Maxim Shubarev also oversaw the refurbishment of the unique Electronics Flight sculpture in St. Petersburg.

Maxim Shubarev and the development company he founded gave a famous pre-revolutionary apartment building a second lease on life, completely restoring the five-story building to its historical splendor, both inside and out.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich took on another project for the company in the summer of 2019, handling emergency restoration work at the dilapidated 20th-century Vega mansion. Setl Group also worked on the renovation of the factory founded by Vega, which today houses offices, a health center, various shops, and more.

Maxim Shubarev and Setl Group management even directed company funds towards the restoration of a mansion that had been owned by the industrialist Felix Chopin. The mid-19th-century house had actually been destroyed in the early 2000s, but it was completely rebuilt, as close to the original as possible, by the top construction firm.

In 2021, under Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group began the reconstruction of the Krasny Gvozdilschik factory workshop. The building, a striking work of Constructivist-style industrial architecture, had fallen into disrepair by the early 2000s. However, the Group took up the project, thereby staving off talk of dismantling the construction altogether. Today, the renewed landmark houses a coworking space and an observation deck on the accompanying water tower.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev: History of Philanthropic Pursuits

Shubarev Maxim believes that success in business pursuits must be matched by giving back to society through various programs and initiatives. Setl Group has been particularly involved in the educational field.

For example, it has renovated and supplied many schools of all levels with necessary furniture and technological supplies. It has done the same for medical institutions. The company has also offered necessary funds towards book publishing.

Shubarev Maxim and the development holding have allotted funds to design comfort-class dormitories for a local dance academy, and distributed hundreds of tablets to needy students during the coronavirus pandemic to help them keep up with their education under the new conditions of remote learning. The Group also purchased and delivered food to veterans on a weekly basis.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich notes that one of the most important projects has been 2021’s Seeing Through Print initiative, which was developed for the benefit of people suffering from various pathologies that hinder their communicative and educational skills.

A year later, a special apartment designed especially for orphans was put into operation with a generous allocation of 1 million rubles from the holding.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich and Setl Group are also involved in various others endeavors, including the organization of cultural events, holiday celebrations, and athletic competitions. In particular, the firm traditionally supports and participates in a soccer tournament for the wards of a local orphanage.

Maxim Shubarev notes that two other major areas of Setl Group’s philanthropic activities are projects aimed at environmental protection and support for animal shelters. Thanks to the generous donations and hard-working employees of the construction company, several shelters have been renovated and supplied with ample food for the animals.

The corporation founded by Shubarev Maxim took one shelter in particular under its wing in 2022 and committed to settling its debts and its ongoing needs. The shelter has room for nearly 1,000 dogs and cats.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev and the holding he founded, in addition to a number of business awards, have also received numerous awards in recognition of their charitable activities.


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