Manage Your Tasks Both Personally and Digitally

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Manage Your Tasks Both Personally and Digitally
10 Feb 2022
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This blog is for you, regardless of your position in the organization's structure or personal achievements. Managing work in the "new normal" poses new obstacles and necessitates the acquisition of new skills and the modification of existing technologies. In summary, it necessitates us to become extremely adaptable in how we manage assignments, colleagues, and work in general. In the software industry, tools are growing increasingly popular, and they currently play a significant role in any Project Task Management. For each category, there are various tools accessible. #TWN

What is Task Management?

The process of monitoring your project's tasks from start to finish is known as task management. It entails actively making decisions for your tasks to accommodate changes that may occur in real-time, with the end goal of successfully completing your tasks. Project task management entails effectively managing all aspects of a task, such as budget, time, scope, resources, recurrence, and so on.

Our daily lives center around a set of tasks that we determine as we progress toward our desires and SMART objectives. We often bite off more than we can handle in our quest to stay on top of our game and maintain our competitive edge. Even though everything appears to be a top priority, something is off in this rush to get things done while maintaining your sanity. Some of us make a large to-do list of things we want to get done before a certain date or age. Others spend a lot of time refining a single task that becomes obsolete by the time it shines. Project managers and bosses aren't the only ones that need to balance their workloads and manage their time. These abilities should be practiced at all levels, especially while working in a group. If not, it can have disastrous effects on a project as a whole.

Make a list of Things To Do

To-do lists are a classic, but they're more powerful and effective today than they've ever been. People used to keep handwritten memos for ideas and tasks back in the day. They're like your everyday necessities, and they'll help you stay on top of your tasks. People now have savvy to-do list apps that send out alerts and reminders before the task's completion. It's easier than ever to scribble down ideas such as photos, voice notes, text, and so much more.


Understandably, not everything that is on your to-do list must be completed immediately. Yes, there are a few excellent suggestions that can help you step up your game. However, it is critical to determine what is vital at any given time.

Time Management in Four Domains

It's helpful to divide time management into four categories. These categories simply represent the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical dimensions, which correlate to four fundamental leadership functions: motivating commitment, strategic thinking, community building, and action planning.

Be versatile

If you want to meet goals and deadlines, keeping your position is a terrific characteristic to have. However, some events and circumstances necessitate reviewing previously made decisions. This could be due to a rapid shift in market trends, a shift in client motivation, or if one activity appears to take precedence over others. Any of these variables, if not addressed promptly, can rob a team of its potential for success and growth. If another chance appears to be passing us by, it is critical to be on the watch for any loopholes. When it comes to deadlines, be flexible.

Changing Attitudes

Time management habits are habits of action and thought, and changing them takes time and effort. The task at hand is to change some deeply personal patterns of being in the cosmos. Establishing a compelling reason for the change is essential for maintaining energy and enthusiasm to try new things. "What are the costs of staying in the current direction, and what are the advantages of changing?" asks the question. The consequences of poor time management can be severe, including harm to one's professional reputation, loss of health and well-being, and destabilization of romantic relationships. It's difficult to confront these consequences, yet one's suffering can lead to a dedication to a more sustainable life.

Top Task Management Software


Trello Is a great task management tool for Smaller-Scale Projects. Trello is a beautiful task management app with a robust freemium plan that should enough for most solopreneurs and small businesses. It's a Kanban task management solution that allows you to organize a project on a project board.


Priorities assist you in prioritizing chores when working on projects. Your team will have no trouble determining which activities to prioritize and which to de-emphasize using a simple color-coded approach. 


Our task management software includes sophisticated Reminders that will help you stay on top of your deliverables at all times. For increased convenience, you may choose where and yet when you get these reminders. Whether it's your email inbox, PC, or mobile, ClickUp will keep you up to date on everything.


Dashboards allow you to manage your organization, resources, and Sprints. You can also select which Widgets to add to your Dashboards, including a Burn-Up chart or a Burndown Velocity chart.


Nifty is a cooperative task management solution that allows teams to effortlessly manage feedback and deadlines while flexibly organizing, prioritizing, and automating workflows utilizing List, Kanban, and Swimlane views. Create bespoke task lists to meet your team's workflow, or import current tasks to resume where you left off in Nifty. Define and automate day-to-day calls, tasks, and work while centralizing files and feedback.


ClickUp offers a great workplace with multiple abilities, including tasks management. It has the capabilities and functionality needed to organize work and make quick modifications. It will allow you to sort the tasks on a global scale. The ability to filter and search makes it easier to locate tasks. ClickUp includes features for every scenario imaginable, including recurring tasks.


Asana task management is primarily used to create and manage projects and tasks within projects. Team operations such as file sharing, task assignments, project progress monitoring, getting notifications and comments, and so on are made much easier with Asana. As a result, communication is fluid, and projects are delivered efficiently and on time.


Simply take some deep breaths and plan thoroughly. Look more closely at your assets, communicate often with your group, and use excellent task management to ensure project success. When you use the correct tool at the right moment, it may make a huge difference in your professional and personal life. Although our attributes and abilities have a lot to do with our task and project management skills, using the correct task management tool can increase our chances of success enormously. Make sure to do your homework and select the best task management tools for both you and your team.

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