Know What's Causing So Many Earthquakes

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Know What's Causing So Many Earthquakes
08 Nov 2021
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The number of earthquakes has gone up hugely, recently we saw two major parts of the world getting hit by a massive earthquake. Tag along with us as we explore why we are experiencing a surge in the number of Earthquakes. #ThinkWithNiche

The number of earthquakes has gone up by a huge margin. Every week there's a report of an earthquake in some part of the world. Latest we saw the Balochistan province in Pakistan hit by a massive earthquake, and just after Japan was hit by an earthquake too. Scientists had already predicted this and cited that by 2018 there would be a massive increase in the number of Earthquakes we see every year. But why? What is the main reason behind this massive rise in the number of Earthquakes we experience every year?

Newsflash- it is nothing else but our doing. Scientists and researchers have said that most of these earthquakes are caused by man-made activities. Let's look at 6 reasons behind the occurrence of earthquakes and understand why it is happening.

1. Man-made Activities Cited as Primary Reason

Turns out that earthquakes aren't always caused by natural phenomena but many are caused by man-made activities and interference. The scary rise in the number of earthquakes is evident enough for this. Activities such as mining, nuclear explosions, and groundwater extraction are some of the reasons behind the massive surge in the number of earthquakes.

2. Poor Infrastructure Planning

Another major reason behind the rise in the number of earthquakes is the poor planning of Infrastructural activities such as the building of dams.Take India for example; many dams that are built inside the country are poorly located and it is one of the reasons why India experiences so many earthquakes.

3. Cooling of Earth

The cooling of the earth is one interesting reason for this. We live on a cooled-down earth surface compared to what it was thousands of years ago. The cooling of the planet has played a significant role in the contraction of the earth's crust. This contraction creates a greater volcanic disturbance, resulting in more earthquakes.

4. Advanced Technology to Measure Earthquakes

Another interesting finding is that there hasn't been any substantial increase in the number of earthquakes but because we have advanced seismic instruments which help us record and take note of all the earthquakes that earlier went unnoticed.

5. Big Geological Changes

Earth keeps changing and it is nothing but these great geological changes that cause more earthquakes. These changes act as the driving force of many seismic waves that ends up causing massive earthquakes.

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