India's Top Sustainable Furniture Brands

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India's Top Sustainable Furniture Brands
02 Dec 2022
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The furniture market is ushering into a new world of sustainability, and key builders are getting hold of the importance of sustainable products in this line of trade. Since the furniture business can be heavily taxing on our environmental resources, the growing popularity of sustainable, tech-based, eco-friendly furniture is growing by the day. Sustainable furniture manufacturers create pieces of furniture using recycled, upcycled, or environmentally friendly materials. They were previously in relatively small supply and were only utilized by clients and interior designers who were concerned about the environment. This, however, appears to be altering in the wake of a pandemic and governmental-ordered lockdowns. Humans have seen that nature is returning to normal, which is a good thing. #TWN

There is a sense of beauty attached to be sustainable home decor and furniture market, a sense of skillfully developed art that recognizes the beauty and appreciates it. While there are many interior decor items available, adapting to sustainability is the new thing to be worked on how to include skill and sustainability. Let us learn it from these top brands in India promoting sustainable furniture.

Best Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands

Here's the list of the Best Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands promoting sustainable furniture in India!

1. Diferniture

Sustainability is the core value of the design and products at Differniture studios. The brainchild of founder Aakriti Kumar, the sustainable-bent-inspired collection is made from shipping crates, old floorboards, and retrieving trees. Kumar makes the most of whatever wood is available to her to sculpt an amazing design, also using natural polishes, oils, and waxes to naturally increase the wood’s appearance and look appealing. She inspires by nature to give a sense of movement and fluidity to her creations. Check out her studio collection in New Delhi.

2. Ublyd

UBLYD claims to be India’s first DIY-based furniture brand, technically meaning that you build your furniture. UBLYD is a Banglore-based sustainable furniture company that uses upcycled pinewood to create its products and sells as DIY kits. The game plan of founders Shobha Nair, Pradeep Nair, and Denzil D’Souze, the company has a huge range of products, from cabinets to sofas. UBLYD uses premium luxury wood even though it is upcycled. The furniture is long-lasting and extremely elegant.

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3. The Second Wind

As the name suggests, this furniture brand adds a touch of new life to old, discarded wooden pieces into something new and transformational. Founded by Ira Maurya and Abhinav Mehta, the company aims to re-create an old piece of furniture as a new sustainable decor item. These interior designer decor options are available in Gurugram.

4. Ikea

Globally known for its high-tech, realistic appealing home decor and interior furniture, IKEA has developed a taste for sustainability. Experimenting with eco-friendly sources and designs, IKEA has shown the world that eco-friendly items do not need to be a bore. IKEA’s ‘Hantwerk’ is a recently launched initiative that promotes handmade products with the help of sustainable, recycled, and upcycled resources, in association with India-based social enterprise, Industree Foundation, and Rangsutra. IKEA’s range of products is available on its website.

5. Paper

Paper Shaper is the innovation of Mumbai-based sustainable connoisseur Harsh Mehta, who has created this environmental-friendly brand. They make sturdy corrugated sheet-based furniture-based items. Ranging from baby cots to even coffins, surprisingly, the brand is highly affordable. Paper Shaper’s children’s furniture is extremely popular due to its children-friendly features, and environmentally conscious customers are attracted to the brand as well.

6. Sirohi

Sirohi is a conscious home décor and furniture brand that produces handcrafted luxury products for the global urban market. It was founded in 2012 in an Arcadian village in rural Haryana. Over 200 local women, and artisans used natural and recycled materials to create all of these home goods. We adore how the brand creates high-quality products in a sustainable way while fusing heritage with contemporary designs. We like that the company gives ladies from underprivileged communities in the northern part of India opportunity to make money. The brand wants to bring back ancient hand-weaving traditions like charpais or basketry.

7. Fabuliv

Fabuliv is a treasure trove for quality, handcrafted artisanal furniture, and one of the favourite brands on the list. The brand, which was founded by Anurag Singh, Ishita Singh, and Sumit Rastogi, offers a huge selection of furniture, lighting, décor, and other products. Fabuliv develops one-of-a-kind collections using more than 100 regional artisans in India who use a variety of materials, sources of inspiration, and artistic styles. Additionally, the company makes sure that its craftspeople are empowered through fair trade.

8. Mianzi

Mianzi is a purpose-driven home furnishings and décor company that collaborates with the National Bamboo Mission to promote and accelerate the growth of high-quality bamboo. Additionally, it provides artists with training so they can create quality designs for both home and international markets. Every item at Mianzi is handcrafted by traditional artisans in rural Madhya Pradesh, Assam, and Kashmir regions. The brand responsibly manufactures these biodegradable, zero-waste, and mindful design collections with sustainability at its foundation. 

Global Eco Friendly Furniture Brands

1. West Elm:

An FSC-certified company with lovely, contemporary design. accessible offline and online.

2. Avocado:

Made by hand in California from salvaged wood that hasn't been treated with chemicals or flame retardants. It is sold online.

3. Burrow:

Their furniture can be quickly put together and rearranged, and their furniture is shipped in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. Designs that are both comfortable and eco-friendly are sure to take your breath away. Although it has US showrooms, it only sells online.

4. The Citizenry:

Using the skills of artisans from all around the western world, the pieces are made in a fair trade setting from beginning to end. Through grants, it contributes 10% of its earnings back to artisanal communities. It is sold online.

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Dear readers, as the times are ever dynamic, we must realize that there is no planet B. We must protect the earth at all costs, and sustainability is the only way. Choose planet friendly, choose sustainability, choose mother Earth.

So, these are some of the top furniture brands in India

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