Healthy Relationships Play a Huge Role in One s Happiness Learn How to Maintain Healthy Relationships

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23 Nov 2021
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Maintaining a healthy relationship, especially with your partner, is key to one’s happiness. A toxic relationship can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. Learn how to maintain healthy relationships. #ThinkWitNiche


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Relationships take up a huge part of our life, and we must keep them healthy. Unfortunately, many of us either aren’t aware of what constitutes a healthy relationship or don’t know how to. These are the things that no one taught us, yet they are very important if you wish to have a happy and healthy life with your partner. That’s why we see so many couples going for couple therapy or individual therapy to deal with their relationships and get clarity on how to go about it.

As many couples therapists suggest, there are many ways to define a healthy relationship. But if one were to pinpoint a few characteristics of a healthy relationship, it would be honesty, trust, respect, and open communication between partners. Apart from all this, another major part of relationships is ‘compromise’ which people don’t account for. To maintain a healthy relationship, both the partners should be able to compromise sometimes. All these form the crux of a healthy relationship. Now that we have understood what a healthy relationship is, let’s take a look at how to maintain it.  

1. Realistic Expectations

People form their notion of romance and romantic relationships based on films and popular culture. This puts wrong ideas about romance in people’s heads as the characters we see on-screen are often pitched as perfect people, which differs wildly from, a reality where everyone is flawed. That’s why it is important to keep your expectations realistic and don’t expect your partners to be perfect. Accepting a person as they are without trying to change them is the embodiment of a perfect relationship. 

2. Open Communication

Openly communicating with each other is a big part of a healthy relationship. A couple that doesn’t talk openly with each other and hides their feelings from each other is bound to become toxic. That’s why it is important to talk about your feelings openly without hiding them. It is also important that you develop a habit of hearing your partner out and understanding them. Communication works both ways. Remember that!

3. Take Care of Yourself

You can’t keep your partner happy if you are not happy yourself. That’s why it is important to take care of yourself first and foremost. Taking good care of yourself and doing things you like is only normal. Expect the same from your partner too. It is important to hold on to your individuality even in a relationship. 

4. Take Out Time to Spend with Each Other

Once you become comfortable in a relationship, it is very easy to start taking the other person for granted. That’s what happens in most cases. People stop spending time together in an active way. Although they may live together, even then, taking out time is important as it constitutes acknowledging each other.

5. Give Some Time

If you think you are struggling to maintain your relationship even though you want to, it is okay to give yourself some time. Rushing into things will only make things worse. Hence, whenever you feel like your relationship is on a rocky surface, take some time off. Maybe giving your partner some space would be a good idea for both of you to clear your head and decide what you want.