Healthy Living Begin with Work Life Balance

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Healthy Living Begin with Work Life Balance
29 Oct 2021
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Many industrialists and entrepreneurs have erroneously glorified the idea of working hard and becoming a workaholic. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you must strike a work-life balance. Learn how to make it happen. #ThinkWithNiche

“You must work hard to become successful!” That is one piece of advice we have all learned throughout our lives. Working hard has been promoted as a panacea for success. Popular culture (movies, advertising, print media, etc.), as well as industrialists and entrepreneurs, have praised the idea of working around the clock. People have been pressured to completely abandon their personal lives in favor of their professional lives as a result of this. People have become increasingly anxious and dissatisfied with their life as a result of this.

While there's nothing wrong with working hard, many people have misinterpreted the advice. People interpret it as working nonstop and giving "two hoots" about their personal lives. This makes people sad, and even if they do advance to a senior position, life feels imbalanced and dismal as a result. This is due to the fact that people forget they need a life outside of their career. Friends, family, and personal time make up the majority of our happiness, which should never be sacrificed in pursuit of professional goals. Maintaining a work-life balance is referred to as this.

Basically, the term ‘work-life’ balance means dividing your time between your professional and personal life and creating strict boundaries between the two. This means having friends outside one’s workplace, spending time with one’s family, or even simply being with oneself. Modern life is fast-paced and designed to tire one out. This is what has left many feeling discontents with their lives. People feel empty and even though professional achievements do matter, they cannot give one a holistic feeling. While this sounds like an easy thing to achieve, many people find it hard to juggle between the two without feeling dissatisfied. That’s why we have some tips for you to help you achieve a work-life balance.

5 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance

1. Compartmentalize Your Work-

People are given a lot of responsibility in their jobs, so they try to multitask. While multitasking is sometimes necessary, it is always avoidable. You must divide your labor into different tasks.

2. Prioritize-

You may have to do 50 tasks but you have to realize that doing it all at a time can leave you exhausted and burned out. Therefore prioritize your tasks into urgent, important, neither, etc. It will help you be more active and productive.

3. Me-time-

It is very important to find some time for yourself. You don’t necessarily have to do something. You can simply be with yourself and do things that you enjoy like reading, cooking, listening to music or playing it, etc. This also comes under self-care and is a must for a healthy lifestyle.

4. Learn to say ‘no’

Being a pushover isn’t necessarily a good thing. You will have to learn to say no, either to your colleagues or even your friends. You cannot be at multiple places at a time and therefore need to say ‘no’. This doesn’t mean you are being rude; it just means you have clarity.

5. Take mini-breaks-

When you are at your work, it is important to take small breaks in between. You can walk around your office to stretch your legs and distract your eyes from the glare of your screens. You can perhaps chat with your office friends for a minute or two and then go back to work. This is a great way to break the monotony.


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