Grown-ups and Youth – Conflict on Money Matters

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Grown-ups and Youth – Conflict on Money Matters
15 Dec 2021
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Acceptance and an understanding mentality are often the missing pieces of our life’s puzzle! If only everyone was so wise to adopt them, there wouldn’t be as much friction between people of different age groups as today. Read on if you have the patience to sit back and acknowledge the facts why grown-ups and the young have contradicting opinions, especially ones concerning money and savings! #ThinkWithNiche

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There’s a common misconception among grown-ups worldwide that the young are out destroying themselves by draining their parents’ funds with their extravagance. They believe they are overburdened by the storms their children brought home! However, the young don’t have the maturity to put two and two together!

Every generation has consistently predicted that the next in line is heading for doom! Restricted by our outlook formed on our past experiences and inability to see off the cursory glance of the young, we disapprove, disagree, and often dismiss! It is a war that’s seldom won.

Those raised in the scarcity age are an apprehensive pessimistic lot! They know the stigma that broods around joblessness! Previous generations have cemented their belief that government or PSUs are the safest employers, and landing a pensionable job is a blessing! These assumptions, however, have been significantly tested by time.

What was seen as a gold treasure back in the day doesn’t excite today’s youth! This generation, much to the surprise of rigid grown-ups, is passion-driven and looks for opportunities where they are valued. They don’t want a fixed payroll structure and work like zombies. This generation, on the other hand, wants wealth that’s earned on the ground of working smartly and creatively!

The scarcity mindset is our burden! We often see the world as a limited pie. One where one can only gain when the other loses. Consequentially, we remain skeptical, unnecessarily cut-throat, and envious! However, the young have a rather generous mindset. They see infinite possibilities of growth and believe some opportunity will arrive! They are more kind, empathetic, and compassionate in their approach.

Making decisions for the young is apparently our favorite thing, and we never stop doing it! In the name of offering wisdom, we impose our views on them! We don’t stop just there. We expect them to comply. You must study hard to secure a masters’ degree, we tell them. Quality education is everything, we promise! They recognize the futility of formal education and the enormous scope of learning by observation and experience. They fail to perceive how the individualized testing system is adequately-equipped for preparing them for a world where collaborative problem solving is a paradigm. We scoff at admitting that we have failed them in several ways.

Nonetheless, we wish to leave a fortune behind for them. The house in the city, that antique jewelry, those deposits in the post office and bank, and all other investments made to secure their future. Destiny, however, is watching us with a grin on its face, for we have been cursed to live so long, as the life expectancy quotient has dramatically increased over the last few decades. By the time this wealth would be passed on, they will be in their 50s or maybe 60s! What use is such inheritance if they can’t use it in the crisis? We rarely appreciate this conversation!

Let’s all just pause for a while and breathe to let it in and acknowledge that we are no longer players in the same game! We lack the understanding of the rules, strategies, and specific nuances of their game. We lack that ability! Raising them with the values and ethics we proudly stood for was the ultimate inheritance. That has already been passed on, explicitly and implicitly. It’s time to let them go now!