Find Out Why Organic Food Is The New Addition To The Menu

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Find Out Why Organic Food Is The New Addition To The Menu
29 Sep 2021
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The food industry is ever dynamic and our tastebuds are ever desirous, but while there are many options to satiate hunger, there are limited sources that provide you with real nutrition and do more harm to the planet than any good. In a bid to find a solution, the agro-industry landed up with the idea of ‘organic food’ and they never looked back. #ThinkWithNiche

In the 21st century, human beings have become more artificial than ever, starting from chemicals we use on our skin to the chemicals we use to grow our food, we have clearly become very dependent on chemicals, synthetics, and pesticides without realizing that nature has a possible solution to all our needs, concerning food especially. Since there is a revolution in how we eat and how we can absorb the nutrients in our diet, we have more conscious than ever, so we have shifted to something that is planet-friendly and gut-friendly too; organic food. Dear readers, organic food is not only produced using less or no chemicals but also has high nutritional values and provides the body with the right kind of diet it needs, not the junk, we feed it on a daily basis, let us now understand why is organic food the new buzz in the agro-industry and in our menus-

1. Huge Potential

After the agro-industry has been reeling with accusations of fraud and chemically injected veggies and food items, the customers demand highly of ‘organic labeled’ products. The reports suggest that in FY2020, the organic food market was worth USD 850.5 million and by 2026, the industry will reach a 21% growth rate making it worth USD 2601 million.

2. People’s Consciousness

Since the covid-19 pandemic has hit the world, people have embraced the ‘food as your medicine’ mindset even more strongly. They now want to invest in food products that guarantee immunity, better health, and promise more nutrition and benefits, fortunately, organic food stands true to all these parameters and is quickly gaining popularity among urban users.  One can say that now wellness is a trend, people have now become aware of GMO-free products, gluten-free, plant-based, and they are readily adopting such changes, it is visible from markets to households.

3. Planet-friendly

It is no wonder that animal-based products such as meat, dairy, and even frozen meat are not good for the planet, firstly they require a lot of water for processing, secondly, they alone contribute to 14.5% of the greenhouse gas effect and carbon emission and lastly, reports have shown that red meat is not good for the body in the long run, hence a shift to planet-friendly food is necessary yet coherent. There is a boom in the market for plant-based products, they come in all varieties, from appetizers to drinks, they are two times more in demand than their counterparts. More and more reports continue to suggest that plant-based food is not only good for the body but also for the planet. 

4. Consumer Satisfaction

If one was to ask which food brand would you purchase company ‘A’ and company ‘B’; where A company’s carbon emission is very high, use of pesticides and fertilizers is unchecked and their employees and over-worked whereas B company likes to make a check of using only organically produced compost and natural items, uses less plastic, is mindful of its carbon emission and looks after its employees, we are certain that your answer is B, why wouldn’t it be? In an era where consumer satisfaction is one important growth driving factor, companies that are economically and socially sustainable are excelling and mindful of their actions, continue to grow, and attract more consumers.

Dear readers, we are certain that you are an independent and mindful consumer, choose what is best for the planet, and promises better health, because better health means a better you. 

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