What Are Some Surprising Facts That Make The Southern Ocean Unique?

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What Are Some Surprising Facts That Make The Southern Ocean Unique?
31 Jul 2021
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You will be left with your jaws dropped on the floor!! These are some surprising facts that make the Southern Ocean super unique. Whales attract this ocean the most and what else to lend your ears to?

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Oceans are vast water bodies that can hold a million tonnes of ice caps in cold countries. The Southern Ocean swells deep ecological rich quality, at the same time qualify immense importance for global climate. This is an ocean that is quite different from the rest of the oceans. There are several reasons why the Southern Ocean is superlative in its nature. It acts as a stockpile for carbon and heat and blends currents of global waves. The Southern Ocean is known as the Antarctic Ocean because of its close proximity. According to findings, a map became popular online whose initials were derived from a renowned oceanographer. This event that occurred in 2018 took the world by storm. 

This projection, known as Spilhaus views earth from the south pole upwards. This great miracle was later found out to have its own significance. It was curated to display the special nexus of Ocean Basins nature.  You will be surprised to know that the Southern ocean's other name Antarctic ocean is not just what this ocean is known as, another initial is Austral ocean. 

Carbon and Heat Storage 

The Southern Ocean is the only ocean in the world that can hold an excessive amount of carbon and heat in its overall capacity. The ocean consumes heat over 90% of which is machined by fuels and CO2 emissions in the air. Henceforth, the Southern Ocean becomes the only elementary storehouse for carbon and heat for the entire planet. The largest ocean in the world sends water to all the rivers of the earth within few hours because of the massive current it captivates. Nevertheless, the Southern ocean is recognized as the world’s fifth ocean and holds immense strong winds which are known for high intensity of speed and flow of water waves. 

Interesting Facts About The Southern Ocean Which Makes It Surprisingly Unique 

Another interesting fact that makes the Southern Ocean unique is that it is considered to be the only junior amongst other oceans and came to being only 30 million years ago. The Southern Ocean is the second smallest and fourth-biggest ocean which covers around 6% surface of the earth. Apart from that, this vast ocean holds up to 5.4% of the ocean water of the world. Not many are aware that the majority of whales reside in the Southern Ocean which can make the ocean a tad bit dangerous for tourists to dip their hands and feet into the water. 

According to various research findings, the Southern Ocean varies in terms of ecological means, this indicates the reason behind why National Geographic put immense efforts to recognize the Southern Ocean, to preserve and promote it to the outside world. 

Enrico Sala, who works like an explorer in the National Geographic channel made a statement regarding the Southern Ocean and why it requires to be preserved immediately. She stated, "The Southern Ocean encompasses unique and fragile marine ecosystems that are home to wonderful marine life such as whales, penguins, and seals."