Establish a strong bond with your employees: Try these office Games

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Establish a strong bond with your employees: Try these office Games
12 Feb 2024
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Only machines and programs can work non-stop without a break. Humans require a break from time to time to recharge themselves and escape from their daily routine. However, often employers see games and activities as a waste of time, but if the game is designed a such a manner that somehow improves their skills, it becomes worth a shot. Hence, here are a few games that not only provide your employees with a break but are also constructive. #TWN

The digitalization of the workplace has increased the production rate but has also increased the distance between the employees. People are more likely to spend all day with their heads buried in their computers and hence have the least human interaction, which often creates a distance between the employees and management and can result in a poor relationship. So, here are a few office games that you can play, along with your employees. This cool presentation of games not only establishes a relationship between lower and upper management but also affects their productivity positively.

The Common Book

Keep a blank scrapbook in the common area and ask your employees to fill it up with suggestions, complaints, or problems that they are facing in the cooperation, without mentioning their name. This way, they will be able to pore their heart out without even hesitation. This way, you will be able to spot everything that requires an improvement in your corporation.

Three Truths and A Lie

Provide your employees with a sheet of paper and ask them to write three truths about the company and a lie. Ask them to read them aloud, and other employees had to guess which of them is a lie, but ask your employees to write down truths that are believable and lie that seem to be the truth.

What’s on your desk?

Ask your employees to bring one object from their desk and prepare a presentation on that object. They must create a Logo, a business model, and a slogan for their object. Ask them to present it in front of the whole team and then have a discussion over which was the best presentation and take ideas from that presentation for your future presentation. 

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Scavenger Hunting

Prepare a list of items that your team needs to hunt for and bring to you within a limited period. This activity can be performed individually or in small groups to increase the difficulty, you can provide your employees with riddles and hints.

Life Timeline

This game could be a great Ice-breaker and could establish communication between the employees. Ask them to close their eye and think about the memory they want to relive and repeat the activity with every employee. When a person shares a personal memory with someone, they feel that connection on a personal level hence, establishing not just a professional but personal relationship between them.

Bears, Cowboys, and Ninjas

This game is very similar to rock, paper, scissors. The game is simple; bear eat-up ninjas, ninjas beat up cowboys, and cowboys shoot bears. Ask your employees to either roar for bear, make a gun symbol with their hands for cowboy, or perform a martial art move for Ninja. It is a great exercise to bring together the employees and allow them to be silly for a change.

Turning over a leaf

Lay a huge sheet in the common room of your office and ask each of your employees to stand on that sheet and keep on shorting the length and the only rule is, you cannot carry anyone. Everyone who touches the floor is out, and the last one standing is a winner.

Use what you have

Ask your employees to perform a specific task, but only with the materials provided. Provide the same supply to each of your employees with the same amount of supplies and let them use their creativity and figure out how to solve that problem with the limited amount of supply. The best example is “Cook without Heat” in this activity you need to ask your employees to prepare a dish that does not require any kind of heat source.

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Idea Building Blocks

Provide your employee with a fictional problem. The problem can range from a simple riddle to a complex business problem. Let your employees come up with a solution for that problem within a limited period. This activity will enhance your employees' problem-solving skills and will help them improve their teamwork.

Blind Drawing

It is another great exercise for team building, making two employees sit with their backs facing each other. Provide one of them with an object and the other with a sheet and pencil. Now the employee with the object has to describe that thing to the other employee without actually taking the name of the object. The second employee must draw that object on the plane sheet provided without looking back. This game is not about who has the best drawing, but it is actually about who has better listening power and coordination with their employees. 


Just like our bodies, even our brain gets tired of the daily routine, and hence we need to give it a break from time to time. These types of activities provide a break to the employees, and also these games are not just fun-oriented but also focus on building skills and relationships.

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