Eight Good Habits that we must not give up after Lockdown

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Eight Good Habits that we must not give up after Lockdown
15 Nov 2021
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Since the restrictions of the total lockdown got removed, we have become relaxed. Many of us have given up the habits adopted during that time, but there are eight good habits that one must hold on to even after the lockdown. #ThinkWithNiche


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The pandemic situation had us all in a state of emergency. It felt like we were at war. It felt like the enemy would shoot us if we moved out. Covid-19 is the biggest enemy of the entire world, but now things have eased out, though the war is far from over. Still, we have found a shield in the vaccines.

Now we are relaxed, and life has returned on the normal track. The children are back to school, and we are back to our offices. So after a short kit-kat break, the routine has begun once again. Once again, the roads are noisy, and once again, you can ask, "Where's the party tonite?" We all are feeling at ease, and many of us have left behind the habits we had adopted during the lockdown, but there are 8 good habits that one must not give up even after the lockdown:

Eating Home Cooked Food

The pandemic has compelled us to give up our sweet tooth and give a chance to home-cooked food. The good thing is that people have adopted the habit of cooking at home. Many of us had to live alone. So they learned to cook new dishes, and they became so successful that they began a bakery business. In addition, it enables the family to come together and prepare something. So this is a great habit to have for keeps! According to a US study, people who cook at home are slimmer and consume fewer calories.

Go Vegetarian!

Yes! That’s right! According to the UK report, one-third of the population has turned vegetarian. Fruits and vegetables have become a regular item in their meals. The report also states that one in five persons has reduced meat consumption. People now use their creativity in the kitchen and try new dishes and desserts. Fruits, as we know, are a great source of vitamins apart from being tasty. On the other hand, green vegetables prevent acidity, which is usual these days. Plus the meals you prepare yourself give you a chance to learn cooking. Dieticians recommend five-a-day portions of fruits and vegetables. They say that it reduces the risk of heart disease, Stroke, and Cancer. They also recommend a low intake of red meat. So all is well with fruits and vegetables!

Walking your Way to Fitness

Walking had become a usual exercise during the pandemic. People had to leave their love for luxury and comfort and move on their feet. It was healthy, and it enabled them to complete their work without any assistance. According to a study conducted by the King's College, London, about 40 percent of the people are stepping out more than before. It has helped in weight loss and keeping a healthy heart. A study confirms that people who walk 20 minutes a day fall sick less.

Cycling every day keeps the Doctor Away!

People took to cycling to avoid the problem of unavailability of conveyance during the pandemic. It has now it has become a regular habit. You can burn 500 calories an hour with the help of cycling. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. It prevents the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. What's more, enjoy the bliss of nature with cycling!

Hobbies are a Blessing!

The pandemic situation has compelled people to stay at home. Understandably, they had more free time, since the offices were closed. It gave rise to boredom, but on the brighter side, it also encouraged them to pick up a hobby. Hobbies like gardening, cooking, reading, writing, and dancing have become beneficial for people. A study also shows that hobbies tend to reduce stress levels. You can also develop your creative skills. You can start painting or knitting. These days Instagram videos are becoming very popular. You can try acting. Creativity is a skill of immense pride. It will make you very happy.

Sharing Home Chores

Covid-19 caused havoc in the world. People experienced deep suffering, but it was a blessing in disguise for the housewives. They had to complete all house chores alone, but now they found helpers in their husbands and children. Now everyone shares the home jobs like utensil cleaning, dusting, floor cleaning, and cooking. It gives your wife or your mummy great pleasure to see that helping hand in you. It also increases your love and cares for each other. Naturally, this habit needs to continue!

Wash your Hands

The scare of Covid-19 has compelled people to wash their hands more than before. Before the pandemic, the people were not very careful, but now it has changed. Due to the safety guidelines, people have become more alert and wash their hands many times a day. According to the UK Medical Research Council, washing your hands saves you from acquiring cold and flu frequently. It also protects you from stomachache.

Wear a Mask

Well, these lines we must have heard many times - Please wear a mask, and it can irritate you also! But one cannot ignore it. The Covid-19 risk is not over yet, and despite the vaccine, we cannot feel free, not at any cost! So hold on to the mask. Please do not throw it away! Mask is our only savior in the time of this pandemic. We must not leave it!

Lockdown was like a nightmare for each one of us. It was a period of utter gloom for everyone, but now things have eased out. It's a blessing! But we must not give these good habits we acquired during that time. We must not leave things like healthy eating habits, exercising, and positive thinking post lockdown. We must also spend time with the family. It creates good vibes in relations and helps in building understanding. Covid-19 has left us shaken. Now we must value each moment we spend with each other, and these habits will only help us to heal and stay healthy. All the Best!