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Discover The Right Place To Invest
31 Jul 2021
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If you are thinking to start your business in the field of Textile and colorful fibers, then why don’t you take a look at what are different fields in the world of textile. Textile has a wide market. Scroll Down and take a look. .#ThinkWithNiche

‘There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important than meeting our basic human needs.’

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, ‘Biological and Physiological’ needs are more important in human life. There are 4 basic needs; Food, Water, Shelter, and Clothing. No matter what happens, a human will definitely look for these. This is the reason the Textile Industry will never disappoint you. But here comes the question, ‘What should I do, what are the fields available in the Textile sector?’

Let’s Have A Quick Look At Some  Astonishing Business Ideas

Garment shops

In a country like India, neither everyone can’t afford to go to big shopping malls nor everyone prefers branded products. That’s why a local clothing shop can be a good idea for an opening. Make sure to fill it with every type of fashionable trending clothes. Have the most trending styled clothing in your shop and make sure to display some of the pieces that will give the customer an idea about the types of product you have.


It is one of the most profitable and innovative business ideas in the textile industry. Boutiques are a nationwide trend nowadays. People want fashionable clothing and they prefer going to a boutique to get the dress that you wanted. You can customize dresses or clothes according to your customer's demand and it gives you an opportunity to show your creative side. You can also get public attention by having unique designs that are one in all. It gives the customer a unique yet affordable dress. Always remember to keep the final product up to the customer's expectations.


Now fashion is a very important factor of life for most people. They want something creative, attractive, and unique. One way to have a unique concept and design is embroidery. That’s why embroidery got such a craze. As it is long-lasting and fashionable at the same time. The embroidery business will be a very good idea to walk with modernity. Ethnic wear is very famous among women. They prefer designer dresses. The embroidery will attract them the most. Another factor why people prefer embroidered clothing is that they do not require any special maintenance.

Specialty Shops

Specialty shops mainly refer- Women's specialty shops, Men clothing, Children's wear or shops for uniform making, Bridal shops. Women and children prefer this particular specialty shop. Bridal shopping is now very famous. Indian, mostly love celebrations and for that, the very first thing that comes to their mind is shopping. Bridal shops will be very profitable in this scenario. It is important to have trendy clothing, but not everyone goes with the trend so make sure to have a variety of clothing designs.

Arts & Crafts

This business idea is generally perfect for women. The demand for home decors, handmade ornaments, and other garments is very high. Jute is a very well-known material for home décor products. As the government is continuously trying to put a ban on plastic, jute bags have become more desirable. Most handmade crafts are of high price, even though people love them. This can be a very good start-up. The crochet knitting business can be ideal for those who have creative minds and those who want to do side jobs. Nowadays, students are also seen to start arts and craft businesses alongside their studies.  

Wholesale Business

Most retailers purchase their garments from wholesalers. The wholesale market is distributing stocks to retailers. You can afford a big investment opening a multi-vendor wholesale store which will be a very profitable service.

Tailoring And Dry Cleaning

Tailoring business is also profitable. This idea is globally accepted. Many people prefer handmade clothing over ready-made clothing. As fashion is increasing day by day, the tailoring business is also gaining its demand. Another good business idea that goes alongside tailoring is dry cleaning. The designer clothing is not easily washable, they need dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is also a good opening to invest in.

Online Shopping

This business needs no explanation. This covid-19 pandemic brings everything online. No doubt online shopping is one of the most trending and lucrative ideas for business. Also, people are very busy nowadays, they prefer to bring their purchase to their doorstep rather than going shopping. Online business is the best idea for a textile start-up.

There are many business opportunities in the Textile sector. It is one of the largest contributors to the exporting business of India. This industry also provides employment to approx. 105 million people. The textile industry also got a lot of help from the government. As people are becoming more fashionable, the textile industry is shining more and more.

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