Did You Know Norway Is The Only Sustainable Country

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Did You Know Norway Is The Only Sustainable Country
31 Jul 2021
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You will be mesmerised to hear that Norway is the only sustainable country in the world. Shocked enough? This little pirate of information will make you run to Norway! #ThinkWithNiche.

There are very few countries that inspire you to travel the world, explore different cultures, and generate those pangs of cravings that stir inside your soul. Imagine sleeping under a blanket of stars, mainly of the Norwegian sky. There is always so much good to talk about a beautiful country like Norway. The picturesque views one might notice on social media are good enough to rework our eyesight to stare at the sky. A country without a toxic climate and fill it with warm people, this little piece of information about Norway will leave you in splits.  

It's no fact that everyone wants a healthy and great life since many are dying to live in places that encourage sustainable living. You will be shocked to hear which is the most sustainable nation around the globe, it is none other than Norway. Since there is one major backbone behind every nation, an incalculable amount of Norway’s wealth is derived from oil fields that are deeply buried under the sea. 

Scandinavian government challenges other countries by staying true to its roots, it is said that the officials will constantly indulge in the drilling process as well as maintain exploring oil up and running. This plan has been sketched out in commendable ways and there is a strong possibility that they will persist in this meticulous process through a string of decades. 

The minister of Energy & Petroleum, Tina Bru has stated that they will not stop supplying ample energy out to other nations as there is immense popularity in demand. Only if this technique is adopted by other countries, there will be a drastic drop in pollution and the quality of air would become certainly toxic-free. We all must take cues from the Scandinavian government and its policies. 

Let's take inspiration from Norway and take a pledge to make our surroundings clean, foster sustainable living, and become a driving force for other people. Our earth is too precious to be exploited. We are younger than mother nature. It is really devastating to see our beautiful and green earth shatter. Let's all stand up for the soil that benefits us, the plants that keep our lives going, without plants we might not have a chance to take clean air inside our lungs, masses of water bodies that are hurt because of plastic, we must save them before it's too late!

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