Data Reveals the Importance of Receiving a College Degree during Covid-Hit Era

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Data Reveals the Importance of Receiving a College Degree during Covid-Hit Era
10 Nov 2021
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We live in a Covid hit era where education has become so important. #ThinkWithNiche

Education is the most powerful tool people can procure to change the world. By educating ourselves, we become civilized people in the society we live in. The millennialism-driven era often underestimates the sheer importance of going to college. Gaining a degree is just a mere symbol of obtaining a certain status.

Students gain a lot of essential knowledge from going to college, which otherwise they may never encounter or read before. They not only learn a new language, completely contradictory to their usual household atmosphere but also unlearn the ill habits that they were cajoled to leave. And while they are young, it is easy to adapt information into their mental cognition. If students learn a specific skill during the time of college years, it works wonders for them when they step into the world of professional life. They tend to draw out inspiration from teachers and peers to work towards their goals. Students who are struggling after passing high school feel chaotic about making certain career choices. But, it is unlike when they step into the first day of college, the presence of scope innately increases. There are many choices to make and explore various fields of subjects where a college gives opportunities to students to select.

On a serious note, giant companies have to leap further in years. Nowadays, we rarely see a job applicant’s details smeared with education degrees. Employers don’t care whether the job applicant went to college or not, either way, the college dropout is most likely to experience the stars in the day in contrast to those who went to college. According to me, the importance of education and going to college is far beyond just leaning onto new opportunities as career-wise. The main question arises how competent is he to work in a real-time job. If colleges start providing courses that would turn a student into a competent fit for a job applicant, the change would be seen drastically who complete college and start their expedition searching for jobs. Going to college must not only be important but also remain useful in the future. According to (Taylor) ‘‘Despite their higher levels of college completion, today’s young adults overall are doing no better — and on many key indicators of economic well-being, they’re doing worse — than older generations were doing when they were the same age that Millennials are now.”

A student who doesn’t go to college often ends up with serious regrets. Drawing out from my own experiences, I graduated from a public university and I am currently doing post-graduation from a public university as well. Going to college matters a lot especially amid the deadly pandemic COVID-19 where work from home became a big turning point in our lives. Those who have gone to college certainly know what to do in such trying times while those who did not visit the college in their lifetime have straddled through a new struggle during the lockdown. Where the Indian film industry is concerned, many took to the streets to earn bread and butter for their living. This says a lot about leaving college halfway to becoming an actor or not having enrolled in college at all. According to data revealed in 2019 by Census Bureau, only 35.5% of women seem to have the privilege of receiving a degree from college. This shows that the least amount of importance and heedlessness is considered for women all around the world.

With immense pressure from society, it becomes quite challenging to decide to go to college at a later stage of life. Once you want to be on your own feet, there are education costs that take a toll on prospective students. When you have settled in life with a stable job irrespective of not having a degree in hand, it tends to raise self-doubts at some point in life. The decision to go to college made at a later time would come across as very challenging for employees who plan to have a degree. The importance of education is growing vastly among those who are thinking to get enrolled into an educational institute after dropping out of college. In my community, nearly 50% of young adults feel that they should go to college later in life. This thought can lead to instability in the career, thus, a note of focus will be lost. Research done by the U.S. Department of Labor says that “80% adults going back to school come clean graduating with a certificate or degree in their hands in contrast to those 50% students who go to college straight after the high school.

The current generation must take education seriously as the role of breadwinner depend upon their educational qualifications alongside what profession they will gain out of it? Artists are struggling to feed their appetites due to the loss of jobs. Education stays with us forever and only this can help you lifelong.

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