Classic 90's Makeup Trends

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Classic 90's Makeup Trends
06 Dec 2021
7 min read


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Today is the era to revolutionize when trends are changing every second. Makeup influencers are worshipped in so many ways. This blog talks about his theme. Read on to discover more about it! #ThinkWithNiche

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Last year blended to a whole new level of crazy makeup trends, the makeup industry is welcoming 2022 with extraordinary trends, and so happening runway projects have decided to go back to the 1990s. Here is a line-up of trends that are going to make a mark in 2022 – back to classics. Most of the time, it is celebrities who influence the makeup games of women to a stronger note. From Drew Barrymore to Jennifer Aniston, ground-breaking Hollywood personalities taught us one or two makeup trends that we still admire to date. It is the era to revolutionize when trends are changing every second, makeup influencers are worshipped in so many ways, but where did they derive all this inspiration from? From animal makeup print to classic eyebrows, these 90's inspo is back once again, and there's every bit of truth to that (at least for a good cause). 

Strong Lips 

Can we sense the 1990's makeup presence? There was a time when strong lips on screen were applauded by viewers. Famous cover girls like Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore set a strong-lip trend. We can’t agree enough with the fact that wearing bold lip shades has its aura and that no other makeup trend could replace it.

Thin Brows

Thin brows are as classic as Marilyn Monroe's white dress. Jennifer Aniston rocked just a single streak of brows during the 1990s. The absence of dislike was strong! Hence, this style of brows was loved by all. Even the millennials seem to flaunt the ‘thin brow’ trend quite well. After all, pure fashion is central to simplicity.

Minimal Makeup
The only lady who was stunned in minimal makeup was Kate Moss. She was alluring, fresh, and often appeared bare-faced in public space. Kate's public appearances mostly included minimal makeup that seemed just like a “teenage dream.” Millennials prefer a dewy look which is most likely to be a sans-makeup look.

Electric Eyes

Blue electric eyeshadow was such a thing back in the 1990s. Credit for fan-doming this trend goes to Christiana Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, and Britney. After all, it’s all about the celebrity influence! Blue-sided shades like aquamarines, deep blues, or ocean can turn boring eyes to chic and high on fashion stock. Though the electric makeup trend was dried out, it, however, made its way once again in 2021 fashion runways, and people can’t wait to experiment with it.

Pro Nude Makeup

A makeup addict can never ignore nude shades, these are like a lip, and without them, the makeup routine in usual days may feel less trendy and scantier. Nudes are just not limited to lipsticks and find their way to experimenting with strikingly beautiful eye makeup. Nudes can never be enough. Makeup looks great on women when they apply layers at the same time. It's super invisible to the eye. It's the next level of holy Goddess thing that artists can craft!