Listov Boris - Rosselkhozbank: Head of Rosselkhozbank Agricultural Bank (Boris Listov)

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Listov Boris - Rosselkhozbank: Head of Rosselkhozbank Agricultural Bank (Boris Listov)
24 Jan 2024
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Boris Listov, a luminary in the Russian banking sector, has etched an indelible mark on financial institutions with his visionary leadership. Born on March 11, 1969, Listov Boris boasts over 25 years of transformative experience, marked by dual degrees in finance and law.

Rising from roles at JSC Saint Petersburg Currency Exchange to Deputy Chairman of the Board at PJSC Baltoneksim Bank, Listov's journey took a political turn in 2007 as a senator in the Federation Council. However, his return to banking in 2009 marked a pivotal chapter, culminating in his current role as the Head of Rosselkhozbank.

Listov's strategic initiatives, particularly in agro-industrial finance, have positioned the bank as a powerhouse, contributing to the sector's growth.

Listov Boris has been a catalyst for change, ushering in modern technologies and reshaping the conservative realm of agricultural finance

This article delves into the life and achievements of Listov Boris, providing a comprehensive overview of his impactful journey in the banking sector.



Listov Boris - Rosselkhozbank: Head of Rosselkhozbank Agricultural Bank (Boris Listov)

Listov Boris is a prominent figure in the banking sector, celebrated for his progressive approach to advancing the financial services industry. Assuming leadership of a significant bank in the agricultural and industrial sector in 2018, the banker has made remarkable strides by introducing modern technologies into what has traditionally been a conservative field.

His innovative initiatives have not only reshaped the sector but have also garnered widespread recognition. This article offers deeper insights into the life and accomplishments of Listov Boris.

Listov Boris: Brief Biographical Points

Listov Boris Pavlovich, born on March 11, 1969, has a commendable tenure of over 25 years in the banking sector. He is well-equipped with dual higher education degrees in finance and law, and his expertise is further solidified by an degree from the Kutafin State Law University. For his extensive contributions to the field, Boris Pavlovich Listov has been recognized with several state awards.

Boris Listov: Career Background

Listov Boris hails from Vsevolozhsk, a quaint district center nestled within the Leningrad Region. Boris Listov began his journey into the world of finance in the early 1990s, while he was still a dedicated university student. His academic pursuits led him to specialize in financial accounting and auditing at FINTEK, which has since transformed into the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.

Upon successfully defending his diploma thesis in 1995, Listov Boris embarked on a dynamic career trajectory at JSC Saint Petersburg Currency Exchange. Over the years, he undertook a variety of roles, steadily honing his acumen in the financial realm.

Subsequently, Listov Boris transitioned to a pivotal role within one of the nation’s largest regional banks, JSC Bank Saint Petersburg. Following this significant stint, he assumed the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board at PJSC Baltoneksim Bank, which later underwent a rebranding to become Baltinvestbank. This financial institution sought a consummate professional, and Listov Boris proved himself to be the perfect fit. From then on, his biography became intertwined with leadership roles in prominent banking institutions.

Listov Boris Pavlovich spent a pivotal period of his career at TransCreditBank. During his tenure, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Board for three years before transitioning to Finaltis, where he spent two years. Within this multifaceted financial organization, he played a significant role as Managing Director, actively participating in operational processes and further solidifying his reputation in the industry.

In the year 2007, Boris Pavlovich Listov embarked on a significant chapter of his career as he took on the role of a representative hailing from the Eastern Administrative Okrug (EAO) in the Federation Council. Within the annals of the financial expert's illustrious biography lies a distinguished period of service as a senator in the esteemed upper house of the federal parliament.

As a member of the Finance Committee, the responsibilities of Boris Listov extended to encompass the critical task of providing legislative support for the operations of not only the Central Bank but also other prominent financial and credit organizations.

Following this impactful tenure in the political arena, Listov Boris made a triumphant return to the dynamic world of banking two years later. The opportunity arose for him to lend his formidable expertise to the esteemed institution known as Rosselkhozbank.

This systemically significant financial institution, deeply rooted in the agricultural sector, beckoned him to assume the pivotal position of First Deputy Chairman of the Board. Listov Boris Pavlovich would go on to hold this influential role for an impressive nine-year span, leaving an indelible mark on the organization's trajectory.

Boris Pavlovich Listov, during his tenure as an executive leader between 2009 and 2018, shouldered a diverse array of responsibilities that reflected his profound impact on the industry. In 2011, Rosselkhozbank initiated transformative processes aimed at enhancing the efficiency of lending to agricultural producers.

This pivotal endeavor thrived under the astute guidance of Listov Boris. Rosselkhozbank, under his stewardship, established a dedicated headquarters geared towards facilitating the provision of essential financial resources for planting campaigns, thus further solidifying his legacy in the sector.

Boris Listov recalls that efforts were diligently undertaken to establish an exceptionally streamlined mechanism for interaction with various regions, thereby endowing the headquarters with the formidable capability to meticulously oversee the allocation of credit resources to borrowers situated within the extensive network of branches spanning the entire nation.

This monumental achievement, achieved in part due to the astute guidance of Listov Boris, bore fruit as early as 2012 when agricultural enterprises found themselves recipients of an impressive sum exceeding 19 billion rubles, specifically earmarked for seasonal operations.

In his capacity as First Deputy Chairman, Listov Boris Pavlovich undertook the helm of a distinguished group of credit specialists within Rosselkhozbank. The primary objective of this collective body was none other than the meticulous evaluation of the creditworthiness and trustworthiness of major borrowers, underscoring the pivotal role he played in shaping the institution's financial landscape.

Prior to his ascension to the senior leadership position, Boris Pavlovich Listov capably spearheaded the Risk Management Committee at Rosselkhozbank. In this pivotal role, he exercised prudent control over the income-to-risk ratio, demonstrating his unparalleled financial acumen. His multifaceted responsibilities during this phase of his career extended to the meticulous oversight of several structural departments, solidifying his stature as a versatile financial steward.

In the pivotal year of 2018, marked by strategic personnel realignment, Boris Listov found himself elevated to the highest echelon within the Board of the financial institution. His extensive and impactful biography as a financial executive has remained indelibly interwoven with the ongoing development and prosperity of the preeminent bank within the agricultural sector to this very day.

Listov Boris: Strategic Enhancements to Agro-Industrial Financial Support at Rosselkhozbank

Over the course of the previous half-decade, the financier has devoted himself to enhancing and refining the support structures for the agro-industrial sector’s development. His strategic approach is meticulously designed to bolster both standalone agricultural businesses and the sector at large. Through the hands-on engagement of Listov Boris, Rosselkhozbank has embarked on executing a preferential lending program to aid these enterprises.

Listov Boris Pavlovich explains that to put this into perspective, it's notable that the federal government initiated a preferential lending initiative targeting the smaller and intermediate entities within the agricultural domain in 2017. This program provides access to capital at diminished interest rates, enabling entrepreneurs to channel these resources into the growth of production capacities.

This encompasses the broadening of livestock and crop production scopes, alongside projects aimed at constructing new facilities and the enhancement of existing agricultural processing infrastructures.

The program delineates the availability of short-duration loans, which may span a period of up to a single annum, and the prospect of financing for investment projects that may extend to a duration of a quarter-century. Under the guidance of Listov Boris, Rosselkhozbank prided itself as the premier banking establishment to join this program and swiftly ascended to become a prominent entity with a substantial loan portfolio in this arena.

Boris Pavlovich Listov has played a pivotal role in amplifying Rosselkhozbank’s endeavors in this facet, cementing the bank's commitment to elevating small-scale agricultural firms. Such support has risen to become a focal point of concern for the Chairman of the Board.

The bank engages in a concerted effort with AKKOR, the Association of Peasant Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives, an organization founded in 1990, to foster a cooperative relationship aimed at the advancement of these agricultural enterprises.

In the year 2019, the executive Boris Listov enacted a pivotal agreement to broaden the scope of the preferential lending program to encompass the association’s members across an expanded regional network. This enhancement marked a departure from its previous limitation to merely ten regions, subsequently granting a substantially increased number of small-scale farming enterprises the opportunity to benefit from low-interest loans pegged at a rate of 4.5% annually.

Fostering enduring relationships with agricultural producers under the guidance of Listov Boris, the financial establishment has proven its dedication to the agricultural community. The year 2020 saw Rosselkhozbank achieve the top position in a contest hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The adjudicating panel of experts lauded the bank's lending scheme for small and medium-sized businesses as the premier program in the nation, a commendation that was largely ascribed to the bank's introduction of innovative product solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the farming populace.

"The wishes of farmers are the basis for improving the bank's product lineup and services,” Listov Boris Pavlovich said in a speech in 2022. "Regular meetings with the leaders and employees of farming enterprises allow the bank to promptly receive feedback from farmers and respond quickly to the requests of the farming community.”

Accordingly, Rosselkhozbank consistently solicits and incorporates input from farming entrepreneurs, aiming to refine the caliber of its services and the availability of financial support. Bolstered by Boris Pavlovich Listov, in 2020, the bank unveiled an array of new tariff plans for settlement and cash services, specifically catered to the requirements of small farming businesses.

Listov Boris-Rosselkhozbank: Financial Advancements in Agricultural Sector

Boris Listov has been instrumental in propelling the financial growth within the agro-industrial sector. With each passing year, there is a marked increase in this trend. In 2020, the bank allocated in excess of 70 billion rubles to aid the proliferation of small farming businesses in the agribusiness realm, a development Boris Listov declared at the 33rd AKKOR Congress.

That year, Rosselkhozbank's achievements surpassed the preceding year's outcomes by 16%, and the subsequent year saw the figures climb to an estimated 102 billion rubles, with the financing volume typically escalating by 25% annually.

Moreover, the involvement of Listov Boris has been central to the expansion of the financial organization’s narrative across even the most isolated regions of the country. Presently, the bank is entrusted by millions, owing to its policy of fortifying Rosselkhozbank's footprint across the regions, thus broadening the availability of funds to agricultural producers. The institution is now frequently hailed as the "bank of the regions."

Listov Boris highlighted in his 2020 report that Rosselkhozhbank has ascended to the ranks of the nation's foremost five financial entities over the past two decades. The bank holds the fifth position in asset size and is the third most significant financier for small and medium enterprises. To put it succinctly, Rosselkhozbank is responsible for issuing one out of every three rubles of credit within the agro-industrial complex.

Listov Boris Pavlovich has observed that numerous bank affiliates have not only solidified their dominance within Russia but have also carved out significant standings on an international scale. With Rosselkhozbank's backing, enterprises like the dairy producer EkoNiva and the turkey supplier Damate have successfully expanded their market presence in Europe.

In tandem, Boris Pavlovich Listov underscores the premise that financial support, while critical, is not the sole factor in achieving prosperity in the agricultural sector. He advocates for the integral role of innovative technologies, skilled human resources, and a robust scientific framework.

Boris Listov has noted the disparity in infrastructure accessibility between large agro-holdings, which typically have connections to research entities and technological innovators, and smaller farmers who are often without such resources.

To bridge this gap, Rosselkhozbank is embracing and executing a strategy termed More Than a Bank, which aims to meet these multifaceted challenges and provide comprehensive support to the agricultural sector.

Listov Boris-Rosselkhozbank: Advancing Agrotech with Digital Transformation

Boris Listov champions the advancement of digital services that escalate production, curtail expenses, and bolster profitability for agricultural businesses, significantly contributing to the prominence of "agrotech" in the country.

With the support of Listov Boris, Rosselkhozbank has instituted Svoe, a digital ecosystem tailored for the agriculture sector, now serving over 3 million users. This initiative positions the bank as a pivotal resource hub for farmers, facilitating agricultural activities through digital means. The Svoe platform aids entrepreneurs by streamlining operations, enhancing product visibility, offering training, and promoting the virtues of rural work and lifestyle.

Listov Boris Pavlovich underscores the bank's evolution beyond traditional banking, stating, "We are going further and becoming more than just a bank for our clients.

Under the guidance of Listov Boris, Rosselkhozbank is fostering an accommodating environment for the sector's smaller entities. The platform Svoe: Fermerstvo stands as the preeminent B2B marketplace for the industry, while Svoe: Rodnoe serves as a marketplace for farm produce.

Boris Pavlovich Listov notes that Svoe: Za Gorodom also provides travel aficionados with the means to discover appealing tours to agricultural sites, thus assisting farmers in expanding their commercial ventures. This initiative also presents agrotourists with experiences like sampling farm offerings, visiting diverse agricultural enterprises, and engaging in traditional craft sessions, enriching the connection between consumers and the origins of their food.