Best Logistics Companies In India For eCommerce Businesses 2023

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Best Logistics Companies In India For eCommerce Businesses 2023
17 Mar 2023
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Logistics companies are in charge of organizing, managing, storing, and transporting commodities from the producer to the consumer. In business terms, it is an efficient mechanism that allows for the cost-effective transportation and storage of commodities from producer to customer.

Companies that provide logistics services have been quickly expanding. They are expected to contribute a stunning 30% of total logistics revenue by 2025. Third-party logistics (3PL) companies with locations in India are an important element of the e-commerce industry.

They handle the majority of the shipping and logistics for online companies. When an order is placed, logistic partners are in charge of manifesting the order, producing AWBs (airway bills), picking up the product, and delivering it to the consumer. Businesses can use them to keep items both before and during the delivery of an order.

All transportation challenges for your industry will be simplified and eliminated by logistics and supply chain companies in India. With the increasing demand for logistics services, logistics companies combined responsiveness and skill to provide relevant solutions. The Best Logistics Companies In India For eCommerce Businesses 2023 are listed below.

Depending on the industry in which your company operates, you may find it simpler as your company grows to rely on many logistics providers or those that provide more specialized services. It is critical to learn how to select the best logistics provider for your company and who the top supplier in India is. Your company's success and rate of expansion may be influenced by the logistics partner you select, who may make or break your business.

As a result, knowing who the company's top competitors are based on agreed criteria is always a good idea. E-commerce logistics has grown into a key force that connects consumers and companies on different ends of the country. Because around 100 million individuals in India use online businesses, eCommerce logistics enterprises must step up and broaden the breadth and quality of services provided.

They must use more advanced technologies wherever possible and prioritize order completion above all other factors. Companies must also implement stronger management systems to deal with returned products, failed deliveries, and decreasing RTOs. All of this is accomplished while keeping low costs and high client satisfaction.

Regardless of the size of your e-commerce, you will require the support of an eCommerce logistics Company in India to give services to your clients. The top logistics companies in India are listed below, according to the scale of the logistics business, the services it provides, and the resources it offers.

Overview of Indian Logistics Companies

Logistics companies have been rapidly increasing and expanding. They are expected to generate a stunning 30% of total logistics sector revenue by 2025. E-commerce relies on 3PL (3rd Party) logistics firms in India.

They handle the majority of internet firms' logistics and delivery operations. When an order is placed, logistics partners manage the order's manifestation, generation of AWB (airway bills), and pick up and transportation to the consumer. Companies may also use them to store inventory before and during order processing.

Depending on your sector, you may find it more convenient to rely on various logistics suppliers or ones that provide more specialist services as your firm expands. That is why it is critical to understand the finest logistics companies in India and how to choose the best one for your organization. Your logistics partner may make or break your business, determining how you will prosper and flourish.

That is why it is always a good idea to be informed of the industry's top dogs by common standards. E-commerce logistics has grown into a formidable force, linking enterprises on one side of the country with customers on the other. Given that over 100 million Indians utilize online businesses, eCommerce logistics companies have had to step up their game and increase the quality and breadth of their services.

They must deploy more modern technology wherever feasible and prioritize order fulfillment above all else. Companies must also maintain improved management procedures for dealing with unsuccessful deliveries, and returns, and minimizing RTOs. All while keeping expenses down and customer satisfaction up.

Best Logistics Companies In India For eCommerce Businesses 2023

1. Blue Dart

Established in 1983, with 12200 employees in India and 275000 worldwide.

BlueDart is a global carrier with a vast network of resources in India and throughout the world. Via scheduled and slot-based delivery, you may provide clients the choice of picking their desired delivery day and time.

Specialized services, such as automatic and computerized proof-of-delivery updates or shipping weather-resistant packaging, can also be requested using the Blue Dart API. They accept cash-on-delivery, online payment (both prepaid and postpaid), and a variety of wallet alternatives for delivery payments.

2. Delhivery

Established in 2011, with over 10,000 employees

Delhivery is an Indian logistics company that is one of the largest and most well-known in the country. They manage logistics for over 7,500 e-commerce enterprises in India. They are well-known for their on-demand delivery services, which include next-day and same-day delivery as well as scheduled deliveries.

In addition, Delhivery offers COD services as well as reverse and exchange logistics. They are equipped to handle a wide range of commodities, including dangerous, valuable, and heavyweight items. The Delhivery API connection accelerates order selection, packaging, shipping label production, and delivery.

3. FedEx

Established in 1971; 450000 employees worldwide

FedEx earned a reputation for itself in the worldwide market before expanding its logistical services to eCommerce enterprises. FedEx is well-equipped with qualified staff and cutting-edge transportation services to handle high-value commodities, large or lightweight goods, and even dangerous goods such as dry ice and lithium batteries. They also assist with customs clearance for interstate and cross-border goods.

The FedEx API may be integrated into your company systems to enable worldwide deliveries to over 200 countries while keeping clients up to date on the progress of their orders in real time. Several amazing capabilities, such as returns management and expedited delivery, are documented in the FedEx API documentation. The FedEx API documentation is a good resource for learning how to integrate FedEx into your existing systems and software.

4. Ekart Logistics 

Established in 2009, with 500+ employees

Ekart began as a Flipkart project and has now expanded to give logistical solutions to a wide range of other eCommerce businesses. They have grown in popularity due to their inexpensive prices and rapid delivery in specific locations. Same-day delivery is accessible in 13 locations nationwide, with next-day delivery available in 50.

The Ekart Tracking API can assist e-commerce organizations in searching for end-to-end logistical solutions. The Ekart Tracking API allows for automatic shipping label generation and offers real-time data on the whereabouts of all your items along their delivery path.

This enables e-commerce companies to figure out how many of their purchases are delayed, whether the SLA requirements are being met, and much more. Ekart Logistics also helps with efficient reverse logistics and refunds.

5. DHL

Established in 1969, the company employs 21000 people in India and 285,000 people worldwide.

DHL is another well-known worldwide logistics company with a large presence in India. They have a massive distribution network that allows them to optimize supply chain and logistics solutions both nationally and abroad. DHL logistics is well-known among Businesses for its warehouse services. Its well-connected network enables them to eliminate wastage throughout the delivery process and maximize their environmental effect.

DHL has over 800 fulfillment centers across the world. This implies that orders may be delivered to clients faster than ever before, regardless of where they reside. DHL assists online retailers in lowering logistics costs by locating warehouses and distribution locations near the client.

6. Ecom Express

Established in 2012, with about 36000 employees.

This well-regarded organization offers complete eCommerce logistics services to a number of big online retailers. They are a popular choice for businesses that deal with high-value items such as jewelry since they provide additional protection and surveillance.

Ecom Express is open on Weekends and holidays and ensures that Express delivery orders will be completed within 72 hours after being manifested. Similarly, when it comes to returned things and reverse logistics, they provide doorstep QC (quality inspections) as well as a guarantee that the item will be returned within 72 hours.

7. Shadowfax 

Established in 2015, with around 150000 employees

Shadowfax manages logistics for hundreds of businesses both internationally and locally. They provide marketplace and warehouse pickups, as well as in-transit storage throughout the first and final mile of delivery. Shadowfax is well-known for its speedy delivery services and offers hyperlocal and expedited delivery.

They also accept cashless payments for doorstep deliveries and offer cash-on-delivery (COD) services.

8. XpressBees

Established in 2015, with around 30000 employees

XpressBees was founded at about the same time as Shadowfax and is still active in the logistics industry. They have established over 100 distribution facilities across India that work in tandem with 2800+ offices to ensure delivery efficiency.

XpressBees offers quick delivery for specific sorts of packages and services a wide range of products, from medications to heavyweight commodities such as machinery. They can also assist with customs clearance for cross-border delivery.


GATI entered the logistics industry approximately four decades ago, in 1989. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai. It is one of the oldest logistics firms in India, serving over 17,000 pin numbers. If you choose Gati, you will also have to choose which of their various packages you wish to use.

To appeal to diverse businesses, different-priced packages of numerous services are made available. Express delivery, automated proof of delivery, scheduled & time-based delivery, delivery of heavyweight shipments, and customized weather-resistant packaging are some of the Gati services.

10. India Post

Established in 1854, with 416083 employees in India and throughout the world.

Since 1854, India Post has been a significant worldwide logistics service provider. It is India's government-run postal service that serves over 100 nations. India Post has been a long-standing institution for meeting individual clients' logistical needs.

Yet, with the rise of eCommerce, India Post has joined the eCommerce logistics revolution. India Post, being a globally recognized carrier, can assist its customers in navigating customs procedures for imports and exports.

India Post serves a diverse range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to aviation, and is thus suited to handle heavyweight products such as equipment, gems, and even HAZMAT such as lithium batteries or dry ice.

As a result, India Post is a popular choice for enterprises that sell a more limited or specific selection of items. The India Post post office API will enable your e-commerce company to simply print shipping labels, present consumers with anticipated arrival dates when they order, and assist you with returns handling.

11. DTDC

It serves 10,000+ clients throughout 17,500+ pin codes, with significant eCommerce enterprises accounting for 75% of its customer base. DTDC offers warehousing and COD (cash-on-delivery) services, as well as other simple and flexible payment options to customers.

The DTDC Tracking API can provide real-time tracking updates for multiple orders at the same time. It also aids in the management of Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs). The DTDC API can also provide detailed data on courier performance.

It is particularly well-known for its quick delivery options, which include express delivery, hyperlocal delivery, scheduled and slot-based delivery, same-day delivery, and next-day delivery. The capacity of DTDC to handle a larger range of items, including high-value commodities, heavyweight goods, and even risky or hazardous materials, contributes to its versatility (HAZMAT).

12. Dunzo

It is a popular choice among well-known eCommerce firms such as Titan EyePlus and Zhivame. Purchases may be transported to under 3000 cities and 27,000+ zip codes around the country.

Clients can use the collect-on-delivery service to make different payments at the time of delivery, such as cash on delivery, demand draft, and certain types of digital payment. Dunzo provides a better level of security for mid-to-heavyweight shipments, as well as doorstep QC (quality inspections) for return orders.


You might start by narrowing down logistics businesses depending on whether they provide express delivery, scheduled delivery, or hyperlocal delivery. You may then narrow down the list further based on the prices charged. It is also critical to establish the specifics of how these distinct quicker delivery services will be supplied and at what rate in terms of service, ideally in the form of an SLA (service level agreement).

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