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Best Business Magazines
30 Sep 2021
7 min read

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Who will be reading magazines in the year 2021? This is what Business Pundit does. Quite a bunch. Although the majority of us read magazines in print, we also read them on our devices and phones. We have heaps of magazines at our workplace, as well as in the break room and on our coffee tables at home #ThinkWithNiche

Why? Any other source of information cannot compete with magazine reporting and analysis. As a consequence, whether it's been a while since you've read anything other than clickbait, or if reading a business magazine is your go-to for unwinding after a hard day at work, it's time to go beyond clickbait with our list of the finest business magazines. These are the greatest business magazines. We wanted to include a range of sources to make this article more than simply a compilation of what we like to read. We asked small business owners which magazines they prefer reading as part of our research. Based on our reading habits and the comments we got, here's what we discovered:

1. The magazine Inc

Everything from starting, expanding, and creating a business to money, technology, and other topics was discussed. No, it isn't just a collection of typical founder tales; it is supported by research and data. Magazine articles are typically straightforward and unprejudiced, providing a wide range of perspectives without bias. Furthermore, we like the range of subscription options it offers, which makes it quick and easy to access this amazing content in a way that matches your tastes.

2. Forbes

Forbes, a well-known source of business news, covers a wide variety of topics important to both small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. Dustin Stannard, CEO of VSS Monitoring, has a favourite business publication. You'll never be out of the loop on the most important business stories if you subscribe to Forbes.

3. Fast Company

Fast Company is a trustworthy source for breaking news and in-depth analysis of current events. Fast Company covers a wide range of subjects, including business trends and how to strike a healthy work-life balance. If you are a subscriber, you may choose between our two daily email newsletters or the print version. Thomas Fultz established it and defines it as "a magazine for new enterprises."

4. Wired

WIRED's coverage of today's connected, modern environment may be beneficial to businesses. Mark Coster, the founder and CEO of STEM Toy Expert, considers WIRED to be the most intelligent magazine he's ever read, and he's not alone. Alex Seagal, co-founder and editor in chief of Animals, is also a fan of WIRED. The publication, located in the United Kingdom, focuses on innovators, cutting-edge arts and entertainment, and how tomorrow's business leaders are shaping the globe.

5. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur provides stock market research, practical ideas and strategies for business owners, essential news, and profiles of industry leaders and prominent individuals. Seminars, podcasts, and even a section dedicated to franchising are available to website visitors. "It offers a very thorough look at creating a business from the bottom up," says David McHugh, CEO and founder of Mixify. Jenny Winstead of LA Tutors says, "Reading magazines is a wonderful way to unwind and learn something at the same time."

Business Magazines Receive Honorable Mentions

When we asked small-business owners what their favourite business magazines were, we received a flood of responses. Here are two excellent publications that didn't quite make it into our top ten but are nonetheless worthy of attention.


RoverPass CEO Ravi Parikh recommended Kiplinger to Business Pundit. Kiplinger has long been his go-to business publication. Their counsel is invaluable, and they are always up to date on the newest commercial technology and ideas. What I mean is that this is my business bible. "Be the one to claim it!"

This essay was initially published in McKinsey Quarterly

When Business Pundit reached out to Michael Hammelburger, CEO of The Bottom Line Group, he told us that McKinsey Quarterly is a fantastic journal for CEOs like him. In addition to giving insights on leadership and management, the magazine foresees future trends in a variety of sectors.


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