5 Things to Do if You Plan on Having Kids Someday

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5 Things to Do if You Plan on Having Kids Someday
29 Nov 2023
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Embarking on the path to parenthood involves thoughtful preparation, and the groundwork for welcoming children begins well before they arrive. Even if the prospect of starting a family seems distant, taking proactive steps today can significantly impact your future.

This guide outlines five essential actions to lay the foundation for your family's journey. From prudent financial planning to evaluating living spaces and considering insurance needs, these steps pave the way for a well-prepared nest.

Anticipating the costs and changes that come with parenting, whether in savings, debt management, or living arrangements, offers peace of mind and greater readiness.

By contemplating key aspects beforehand, you can navigate the road to parenthood more smoothly, ensuring you're better equipped for the joys and challenges that lie ahead.

If you think you want to have kids, there’s a lot to plan for—even if it’s still a long way off. And it never hurts to get ahead. Here are five things you can do now to prepare your nest.

5 Things to Do if You Plan on Having Kids Someday

Think about savings

Kids are expensive. Even if you have health insurance, having a baby at the hospital can still cost a lot of money. Then there’s childcare, clothes, and equipment like car seats, changing tables, and playpens.

This can all add up. Having a nest egg saved up in advance can help you manage the one-time costs when the time comes. And, even if you make enough to comfortably cover expenses, having an emergency fund for unexpected expenses can benefit you.

Pay down debt

Most people have some kind of debt to their name, whether they’re paying off a credit card, student loan, or a new car. Continuing to pay off debt can really impact your finances and decrease the amount of money you have to spend each month.

Kids come with a lot of expenses, so not being burdened by debt (or just having less debt) can make things a little easier financially when they arrive.

You don’t have to aggressively spend every extra penny paying off your student loans, but it can help to get big, high-interest debts under control. Look into strategies for paying off debt efficiently, like tackling high-interest debt first.[MJ1] 

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Consider your living space

Think about where you would want to raise your kids—both the location and type of home. Chances are, you’ll need a larger living space than what you currently have.

Buying a home with multiple bedrooms and space for kids—and taking all the steps of home shopping—is something you can tackle in advance. If financially feasible, you might decide to make it a goal to save up a down payment and buy a home before you start having kids.

Get the right insurance

Getting the appropriate insurance might mean picking the right health coverage at work. It may also mean getting life insurance for financial protection, should anything happen.

Before you have kids could be the right time to get a whole life insurance policy or other permanent life insurance policy. Permanent life insurance comes with a guaranteed death benefit, ensuring that you’ll leave something to your loved ones. It also comes with a flexible cash value component.

Plan for the future

There are many little details to think about when it comes to having kids. What is your general timeframe? Will you need a bigger space? Think about how you’ll save for college. Will you open a 529 plan?

Will you need childcare? If so, will you enroll them in daycare, hire a nanny, or will a family member watch them? While you don’t have to have answers to every single one of these questions, it can be helpful to keep them in mind.


As you consider the prospect of starting a family, taking proactive steps now can ease the transition when the time comes. From financial preparation and debt management to home considerations and insurance planning, these steps lay the groundwork for a smoother journey into parenthood.

While not all details need immediate answers, keeping these aspects in mind paves the way for a more prepared and confident future as parents.

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