5 Steps To Becoming A Successful Web Developer

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5 Steps To Becoming A Successful Web Developer
23 Aug 2021
7 min read

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Web development is a vast field that offers great opportunities to young and passionate minds. However, the trend is such that the demand is way higher than the supply, and hence to make your name amongst successful web developers, you’ll have to play the game a bit differently. Learn how to stand out as a web developer and get more opportunities than your peers. #ThinkWithNiche.

We are living in the ‘golden age’ of the internet. The market is full of great opportunities especially if you are young and passionate, more so if you are a web developer. The web development industry is going through a boom phase which is why many young and passionate souls are taking on the tag of a web developer. But as with anything trendy, there are so many web developers in the market but only a handful of them are truly passionate and talented. In such a cut-throat competition, to truly stand out as a web developer, you’ll have to take the road less traveled and try things a bit differently. For this, learning new skills and gaining a deep knowledge of the field is extremely important which is what we’ll be trying to introduce you to through this blog. 

This article is for struggling and amateur web developers who are struggling to find meaningful work or feel stuck in their job. 

1. Create Your Action Plan

Once you have figured out your passion for web development, it is time to create an action plan. The earliest you plan out how you are going to realize your dream, the more ahead you’ll be of others. This will include deciding how much you want to study and where you want to take admission. It’ll also include how much you’d want to spend or invest in your interest in web development. Do proper research and figure out your action plan. 

2. Act On Your Plan

Procrastination is the biggest enemy your dreams and aspirations will face. Many people plan out their actions but only a handful of them go ahead and do it. Most people give excuses to convince themselves that the timing isn’t right while others are too scared to make a move. Don’t be like them. You have a dream. Now you have a plan of action. Take matters into your hand and decide how your career in web development will look like.

3. Build Your Online Presence 

For a web developer, they must start building an online presence early on. Social Media offers huge opportunities and you don’t want to miss anything. But how so? It’s simple. Start working on a project and then list it out publicly for others to see and give their feedback on. 

4. Create An Attractive Portfolio

For web developers, the rule should be “Show, don’t tell!”. Hence, as an aspiring web developer, you should have an interactive and impressive portfolio. Your portfolio must include all the projects you have worked on and the websites you have build or worked on. The world moves fast and more often than not, clients or recruiters don’t have enough time to go through every resume. So, they always skim through most of them, and a portfolio with samples and pictures won’t take much time to read. 

5. Open Source Projects

Open-source software projects are a great way to hone your skills and learn more about web development. If you do it right, it will also give you a lot of credibility amongst the community, which is great news for any young web developer. The more eyeballs you attract, the more chances you have of getting more clients and projects. 

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