5 Best Mental Health Apps

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5 Best Mental Health Apps
01 Oct 2021
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As the awareness around mental health becomes strong, many people are coming out or seeking help. But since our society still attaches a stigma to mental illness, asking for help in such a situation can be tricky. Hence mental health apps offer services to people regarding their anxiety or stress in a safe space. #ThinkwithNiche

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People have slowly begun to take mental health seriously. Thanks to years of social stigma attached to mental illness, for a long time people were afraid to ask for help, and even if they wanted to, the system was such that most of us had no idea how to contact a therapist without attracting the social scrutiny. This stigma still continues to date, although more and more people have started coming out with their mental illness, seeking help, and raising awareness around different sorts of mental illness.

As with everything, technology has finally made its way into mental health. As the demand for therapists and psychologists grew, developers began developing apps where people can go for help. These apps serve a larger purpose for those people who are uncomfortable about addressing their mental health issues in person. They would rather contact a therapist on the internet, through calls or text. For them, mental health apps provide a safe space to open up without the fear of any disruption from society. Most mental health apps today have a strong non-disclosure feature in place so people don't have to worry about their information leaking into the public.

Over the years there has been a surge in the number of mental health apps. Here's a list of 5 best mental health apps:

1. Moodfit

Moodfit is an absolutely free app available on Google Play Store. The app, as the name suggests, claims to help you address your negative emotions in a positive way. The app describes itself as a tool to help your mental health get in 'shape'. The app has many tools and exercises to help you cope with your negative emotions and help you lift your 'mood'. The app gives you a questionnaire that will determine the severity of your symptoms. Based on your answers, the app will suggest exercises and stuff.

2. Talkspace

Talkspace is a paid app that will allow you to connect with certified mental health professionals. Since many people are uncomfortable with disclosing their mental health issues in person, the app helps you take online therapy with certified therapists who has more than 3,000 hours of experience and have had training in online therapy. The app allows you to connect with your therapist using audio recordings, video recordings, text, video calls, etc. The only downside of the app is that it is not a free app. You'll have to pay a subscription fee to join the app.

3. Sanvello

Sanvello mission is to help people cope up with their anxiety, stress, and depression. Since there has been a huge spike in anxiety amongst the world population due to modern issues such as urban loneliness, job stress, etc, the app's mission is to help people address their anxiety and deal with it in a healthy way. Most people who have anxiety don't take professional help for fear of being judged by their peers. Hence the app allows you to take the help of many tools and services to deal with their anxiety in a safe space, where they won't be judged by anyone.

4. Mood Mission

Mood Mission is a unique app that gives you different 'missions' to deal with your stress, depression, and anxiety. The app gives you a detailed questionnaire before signing up. Only upon completing the questionnaire, does a user given access to the app. The app has tons of tools and exercises to help you identify your mental illness and deal with it. The app has different 'missions' that are meant to improve your mood or coping skills.

5. Calm

Calm is a meditation app that claims to help users deal with their anxiety. The app offers a free-flowing structure and gives its users many exercises to help people deal with their anxiety. The app offers a free trial after which one will have to pay a certain amount to get the membership.

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