4 Breath Techniques To Avoid Stress During Work

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4 Breath Techniques To Avoid Stress During Work
18 Nov 2021
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When work becomes overwhelming and busy, you can practice these Pranayama techniques while working to feel grounded and still.They not only help you feel more energized, but they also make you feel satisfied for the rest of the day. #ThinkWithNiche

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For many people, work can be extremely stressful. You might want to meet deadlines despite a heavy workload. There are different types of chaos that can occur in the workplace, each of which can be overwhelming and give you a great deal of anxiety. When you start feeling as if you are unable to handle your workload, the easiest way to do so is to relax. Your current thinking must be improved, and your attention must be drawn to the way you breathe.Pranayama's purpose is to gain control over your breathing system, which can result in a body, mind, and soul reboot.

Here we present the following breathing techniques that can turn out to be fruitful on days when you find yourself emerging into stress.

Mindfulness While Breathing

Working out awareness when it comes to the way you breathe naturally is the easiest technique to encourage a breathing exercise. You should sit in a relaxed position with your back straight. The importance of physical relaxation cannot be overstated. The breathing rhythm is normal, but the mind must be set ahead with a high level of attention and clarity. Along with your breath, notice how your chest rises and falls.

 Breathing through Abdomen

This breathing technique helps in improving the intake of oxygen. After breathing in, the abdomen needs to fill with air so that it reaches the lungs. When the abdomen feels saturated with air, try expanding the chest outside and upward. While expanding, the systematic and rhythm needs to be maintained. This should be repeated 5 times.

Moon Breath

This technique helps in the cooling and calming of the energies that hold your body and mind together. Inhaling the moon's energy and exhaling the Sun's energy is the process. It helps in the improvement of focus and the reduction of stress. Close your right nostril and take a deep breath with your left, while holding your nose with your index and middle fingers. When the air in your lungs fills up, allow your left nostril to close and slowly exhale through your right nostril. This should be done for 5 rounds at first, and then increased depending on time.

Bee Breath

The sound of a bumblebee is produced by this type of breathing. This helps in mind stabilization and relieves anxiety and frustration. It's also beneficial for meditation. Cover the cartilage around your ear canal with your index fingers. Make sure your lungs are full by inhaling through your nose. Make a smooth and firm sound like a bumblebee while breathing. It should be repeated ten times in a row.


The Pranayama techniques mentioned above hold the ability to bring positive changes in your life. It needs to be practiced more often according to your desire. The more focus you put on your breath will help you in creating a beautiful and healthy lifestyle for yourself.