Does Colour Divide Gender?

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 Does Colour Divide Gender?
06 Aug 2021
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There’s a common misconception that colour specific divides gender, in fact, this concept was curated by extremist ideology. All colours are meant for all genders, it is the media world that constructed different meanings out of everything. #ThinkWithNiche.

Does Colour Divide Gender? 

Women have a half-lived century glorifying ever girly colour’  pink', from brushing Barbie's fake pink hair to contemplating over the fact that their delicate femininity in fancy dress competition with their beloved siblings fell them into some rat race of decision. As we grew up, we started to realize that pink is nothing more than a 'girly' colour; it is not, for liberals, it is just a colour. But, soon when the Kardashians decided to show off their 'hot' and 'rebellious' pink hair, we started modernizing the color, and very soon this hot pink scrumptious colour became a hit. However, the current times are giving real challenges to old-school trends. Most of the capitalism-period, feminism has revolutionized almost everything, for a good cause, there's no doubt about it. Inclusive of gender, several men are sliding out of the closet just to flaunt the colour pink that was shelled since forever on their bucket list. The word "inclusive" just applies to all, now (wow). Well in this whole process and the system, we almost forget that men are often looked down on for donning even a strand of pink because society has preconceived-ly decided pink is for women, and whoever is born with female anatomy. 

Nevertheless, confidence is the key to success and when one wears pink, confidence may seem a little challenging to 'carry off', especially for all men willing to wear all colours. The way our society has portrayed and shaped colours have ultimately 'challenged' young men to form 'presumptions' right before he is even slapped by this Godly created freedom of choice narratives when it comes to wearing certain colours. Don't worry the society will always find its way to cloud over your sense of style and to re-frame, re-consider your self-identity, which is why IT IS YOUR IDENTITY.  While the world still teaches you and coaxes you to fit in their box, the box of normality which is to them just fine as a glass of wine, one must learn to 'confide' in THYSELF and 'freely' wear pink if one wants to!

These Judgements Never Change, Will They Ever?

Masculinity And Expectations

Men are supposed to be born with certain masculinity, and certainly, pink is considered too feeble or feminine for them, because it is what a woman is made up of. In hindsight, we forget that men are humans too with their choices similar to women. This division between them seems to divide the definition of fashion too. If some color offenders dislike a man's tastes and choice of colors, smile at them as it may be good enough to break them internally and raise those feelings of guilt from those cracked words. Even while a boy is still young, the denominators change for them, the things they are taught become too problematic when they grow into full-grown adults. That is the reason why they just get prone to blowing things up. In contrast, women are taught to just learn specific behaviour traits which most likely ruin their self-identity as opposed to men too.  The times are changing like a skyrocket and the world needs to realise that colours are not supposed to be a thing to be stressed about, blood-shed issues are running around the circles in this universe, which I am sure is good enough to deserve more attention.  

Jot Your Dots

Being a man is certainly not an easy thing, you have pressures just like us women, but that doesn't mean men and women issues are slightly different from one another, in fact, if you place all the crayons covered in a wrapping, they all look the same right? Men and women have similar issues, the only difference is how the world perceives each one with a different perception of course. It makes things even more complicated in this matter. You can jot down your points as long as you are comfortable in it. If pink is your world, you-go honey, nobody stops you here, ain't yo mama too! Pink is such a lovely and vivid colour, and yet very underestimated from the view of anti-feminists to put in the right words. 

Go Bold, Be Loud, Choose Pink

Pink is such a loud colour that can put even the best dressed one, leaving the room filled with doubts. A fancy bag or a subtle shade of pink shoe paired with a crisp, well-ironed white suit may appear sophisticated for any 'high-profile' event. You can wear mixtures of pink hues giving a trendy twist to your look. Look at the pop culture and the music industry going all bonkers just to flaunt their pink, neon pink haircut or straight edgy pink man-suit. One should be man enough to cater his own choices and needs as he likes. He doesn't need anybody telling them what to wear in a world fueled with Instagrammers, fashion bloggers who are running the world with their edgy style. 

Pink Is For All

Whether you are a man or a woman, or a transgender, pink is inclusive to everybody, hell-yaa!! you decide what you wear and shine your sheen in the darkest hour of the night. It doesn't matter what the world needs to change in you, they need to change their heart. Fashion is one of the most important parts of self-expression, and everybody deserves a fair share of what they like to wear. Colours are perfect when they soak in our way to express ourselves. That becomes a little better for all of us, there is no doubt about it. 

Everyone is pretty much going gaga painting their already experimented hair with colours such as unicorn, blue, green, orange, grey, white, and an endless mixture of hues. But, pink hair is always in fashion, it can look petite and cute on younger men without any doubt. High-street fashion? in! So, men, we hope we helped you to bring back the side of inclusiveness because; why should girls have all the fun?