Ola Creates History Set-up World s Largest All-Woman Plant In India

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Ola Creates History Set-up World s Largest All-Woman Plant In India
09 Feb 2023
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Latest Updated on 09 February 2023

Bhavish Aggarwal, a CO-Founder of Ola, stated on Monday that its manufacturing for scooters will be managed exclusively by women and will ultimately employ over 10,000 women.

"Aatmanirbhar Ladies are needed for Aatmanirbhar Bharat! I'm happy to announce that 10,000+ women will run the Ola Futurefactory at maximum capacity. The world's largest factory employing only women will be there! Face with a small smile," he wrote in a tweet.

A video showing the first group of women hired to work at the facility was also posted by him.

Mr. Aggarwal said in a blog post that the business has accepted the first group this week and that, "at full employment, Futurefactory will employ over 10,000 women, making it the world's largest women-only factory and the only all-Women Automobile Production Facility Globally."

This is the first of a number of initiatives Ola is doing to build a more diverse workforce and provide women worldwide access to economic opportunity, he added.

According to Mr. Aggarwal, the business has made significant investments to train and upskill people in Fundamental Manufacturing Skills, and they will be in charge of supervising the full production of each car made at Ola Futurefactory.

"Providing women with Economic Opportunities Improves not just their lives but also the lives of their families and the society as a whole. Studies really suggest that even achieving gender balance in the workforce may increase India's GDP by 27%," he remarked.

He highlighted that with only 12% of the workforce, women continue to take part the least in manufacturing.

"We must prioritize upskilling and creating jobs for our female workers if we want India to remain the world's manufacturing powerhouse," Mr. Aggarwal continued.

Last year, Ola announced a $2,400 crore investment for the construction of its first plant for Electric Scooters in Tamil Nadu.

The company, which purported to be the Largest Scooter Manufacturer in the world, had said that it would first start with a production capacity of 10 lacks yearly and then expand it up to 20 lacks, in line with market demand, in the first phase.

When fully operational, Ola Electric stated that its facility will have a capacity of one crore units annually, or 15% of all two-wheeler production worldwide.

The business launched its Ola S1 Electric Scooter on August 15 in two versions, S1 and S1 Pro, for prices of 99,999 and 1,29,999, respectively (ex-showroom including FAME II subsidy and excluding state subsidies).

Even though the sale was supposed to start on September 8, the company decided to push it back a week to September 15 due to "Technical Issues" in making the website for client transactions functional.

Last Updated on 18 September 2021

India had a share of more than 26% of women workforce in India, but due to the pandemic, this ratio has fallen down to 20.3%. The reason behind this fall can be more than just the pandemic. Today, when we are moving towards an innovative society there are still people who are stuck in the stereotype methods. Much of it comes from the collective bias of the Indian society and the rest is because of the lack of any infrastructure that would empower them. Society has evolved much and the role of women has shifted from housemakers to various professional fields and yet the number of women workforce remains low. Ola’s decision to open an all-woman factory is historic in this sense only. The decision taken by the company would push more women to go into various fields. It will also push companies and factories to employ more women at large. 

Ola opened their factory on full scale with over 10,000 women. Ola’s electric scooter has taken the market by storm since its release this week. The two variants of Ola’s electric scooter are S1 and S1 Pro, priced at 99,999 and 1,29,999 respectively, which has caused quite a stir amongst the Indian crowd. With petrol prices rising sky-high, the market for electric scooters has gone up substantially.

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