India Turns into One of the World’s Largest Pools for AI Talent

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India Turns into One of the World’s Largest Pools for AI Talent
01 Jul 2022
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News Synopsis

Even though AI adoption is slowing in India, India has become one of the largest pools of artificial intelligence talent worldwide. According to a report from Microsoft, Bain & Company, and the industry body Internet and Mobile Association of India, India produces 16% of all the world's AI talent, which is the third-highest. India's demand for AI talent is driven by MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) who are looking for AI contractors and large companies that are seeking AI and machine-learning talent for digital transformation.

Despite the fact that the country is a major hub of AI talent worldwide, the gap between the demand and supply of AI-educated workers is greater than ever. This was also highlighted by another report by the industry body National Association of Software and Services Companies on 23 June. It noted that although demand exceeded supply of AI talent in India by approximately 14% in 2018, it widened to 33% in last year's report.

Even though AI adoption has increased steadily in India over the past year, it is still a very early stage market.

Kashyap Kopella, chief executive at RPA2AI AI industry analysis firm, said that India is still a mature market in AI. This is why more of the demand for AI talent is coming from countries outside India.

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