Why Self Publishing Your First Book Is The Better Option

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Why Self Publishing Your First Book Is The Better Option
04 Oct 2021
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If you are a writer or even a person who has a story, idea, or concept in your mind and you are thinking of putting it down on paper, but then you are wondering who in this world will read your books out of the already famous and well-renowned books and authors on the similar subjects or of the similar category. This thought often leads to the problem solver or at least a head start giving firm, THE PUBLISHER. There are so many huge publishing houses, who if accept your book, your chances of making it in the world will highly increase. But again, how is this going to be possible? What would I have to do? How many doors will I have to bang on? The loop starts and goes on and on. But there is a way that will not only stop this loop but will also get you the heck out of it. It’s self-publishing. Let’s know why is that a great option.

Self-publishing a book itself may sound like a tedious task, it even is a little bit hard because while going to a publisher you don’t have to worry about the intricacies very much but in this case, you will have to look into every minute detail. Cumbersome as it may sound but it is fun when you think of having total control over your book and its characteristics. You can be the judge and the jury of the size, color, font, paper. Ink, basically everything that contributes to the making of a book. It feels like a heavy task but every writer is now opting for this method. Know why.

1. You’ll Be The One Counting Money

When you have full control over the publishing process of your book, the highest amount of profit made will reach out to your pocket. You might not get the lump sum amount that you would usually get if the publisher likes your pitch. But here you get to decide the cost and funding of every aspect of the process of bookmaking. Where you usually make up to 10-15 percent of the sales, through self-publishing you get to keep 60-70 percent of the profit in your pocket.

2. Say Bye To Deadlines

While signing a contract with the publisher you get an end date to do all the possible editing required. When self-publishing, you don’t have to feel that pressure, there is no end date, no deadline up to which you have to submit your manuscript. With the pressure gone, you can focus on your work and write creatively, which in extension, helps your book to becomes even better.

3. The Hold Of Analytics

While the publishing houses provide the performance of the sales once or twice a year to you as an author. But you get to look into the response of the book at any point of time you want, thanks to self-publishing. This real-time analysis. Helps you design better strategies to earn your place in the market. 

4. Being Open To All The Options

Self-publishing your books gives you all the rights that come with your book. You are the one and only owner of it and hence all the rights regarding your book are in your hands. So if your books make it so big in the market that production houses want to take it as an adaptation for a film, all the profits generated being the writer of the book go into your hands. These are the profits that you are snatched off your hand while signing a contract with your publisher.

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