Top 9 Profitable Businesses in Maple Leaf

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Top 9 Profitable Businesses in Maple Leaf
08 Dec 2021
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Starting a trending and profitable business gives you the freedom to control your own destiny and success, as well as the opportunity to turn your passion into a long-term career. You can succeed as an entrepreneur in a variety of industries in Canada. The key is to find the one that is right for you. Here are some best suggestions for you. #ThinkwithNiche.

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As COVID-19 burdens global economy, Canada has continued to express its support, not just for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, but also for small company owners, as well as promoting business immigration to the country.

The service industry, which employs three-quarters of Canadians, dominates the Canadian economy, as it does in other affluent countries. According to this estimate, there were around 2 million small enterprises in Canada by 2017 end. According to the World Bank Group's study on the ease of doing business in Canada, Canada ranks third in terms of launching a firm.

So, if you're considering starting a business outside of India, Canada is an excellent place to start. The following is a list of the most lucrative business ideas and prospects that Canadians may start with a modest investment-

1. Real Estate

Businesses require new employees to fill unfilled roles as they develop and expand. Some of these workers are recruited from outside the city, relocating to the city and establishing roots to begin their new occupations. Real estate agents assist customers in buying and selling homes, managing rental or investment properties, and acting as brokers between buyers and sellers. A real estate business might be your ticket to a rich career if you want to build a trending, profitable business, and you're good with people. Real estate enterprises in Canada are typically successful, with a profit margin of 50% and a booming rental market.

2. Transportation Industry

Passenger transportation, freight shipping, and product warehousing and storage are all part of the transportation business. One of the appealing aspects of this sector is that you can start small by acquiring a single vehicle and soliciting a limited number of clients, then scale up by employing additional drivers and placing more trucks on the road as your customer base expands.

According to the Canadian government, over 86 percent of small and medium-sized transportation and storage businesses are successful, with average annual sales of over $300,000.

3. eCommerce Business

The e-commerce business in Canada is growing at the same rate as the rest of the world. E-commerce has radically transformed the way retailers contact customers as more consumers transfer their spending from physical stores to online merchants, making it faster and simpler for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the inconveniences of going to the store. The purchase or promise to acquire products or services through the Internet is characterized as retail e-commerce sales.

4. Fitness & Sports Business

You might convert your love of exercising and being healthy into a successful small company if you have a passion for fitness and a passion for people. According to the Canadian government, around 70% of fitness and sports enterprises in the country were successful in 2015.

Sports industries employed 105,200 people or 0.6 percent of the total workforce. Sports sectors provide over 90% of the employment in the economy, but they also contribute non-sport jobs to the economy.

5. Quantum Computing Application Builder

Quantum computing is a new form of computer that can surpass current computer capabilities, allowing data to be processed at a far faster rate. Although the technology is not yet fully available on the market, it is expected to do so soon, and having a business plan ready might help you get a head start. This would include focusing on major firms with the financial means to pay for high-end apps to meet their huge data processing requirements. Quantum is one of the most profitable new firms you may establish in Canada's fast-rising tech system.

6. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Investment

Artificial intelligence is an industry that will have a significant influence on a variety of sectors. If you're unfamiliar with AI and machine learning, software and programs can adapt to changes in the environment they're monitoring.

A machine learning investment firm would be made up of investment gurus and computer software programmers who would create AI-managed investment portfolios for middle-class people. One advantage would be much-reduced costs than purchasing standard mutual funds, where active fund managers are compensated handsomely. It may also be developed to adjust to changes in the market, as well as other inputs that a fund manager would monitor, using machine learning.

7. Electric Car Manufacturing & Charging Station Provider

Electric automobiles are getting increasingly popular, and they will soon become the norm for what is driven on the road. Some European countries, including Canada, aim to prohibit all gas and diesel-powered automobiles by a specific date. Electric automobiles and other more creative and sustainable alternatives will be the only vehicles allowed on the road.

You should seriously consider launching an electric car manufacturing firm if you want to get into the renewable energy market, build a large company, and take advantage of the rapid shift in what people drive. Another business concept connected to renewable energy that has the potential to be a billion-dollar company is an electric car charging station supplier.

8. Blockchain Supply Chain Development Company

Import-export is a large business in Canada. Long wait periods for permissions in getting products moved are a common complaint among business owners. Developing a blockchain supply chain in the country may be quite beneficial if you have experience with blockchain and overseas commerce.

You may create a blockchain technology that works with suppliers, grocers, clothing, and a variety of other things to indicate the supplier of various locations by creating a team of blockchain engineers. Blockchain technology can help alleviate this problem by giving transparency to retail-based firms by displaying where their clothing supplies are from transparently and accurately. It would be beneficial to the provider as well, because if they are reliable and high-quality sellers, their items may be wanted all over the world.

9. Emerging Market Internet Development Company

There is still a lot of room for internet expansion, and many analysts believe it will come from rising economies all around the world. Access to a computer and the internet is becoming increasingly vital and practically unavoidable as more countries build their infrastructures and raise their living standards. However, before this tremendous increase of internet users occurs, the infrastructure necessary for individuals to connect to the internet must be in place. This is where you may start a company that works with emerging nations' local and federal governments to improve their internet infrastructure. One of the greatest places to establish an Internet Development company in Canada.


Starting a lucrative and popular business allows you to manage your future and success while also allowing you to transform your passion into a long-term job. In Canada, you may flourish as an entrepreneur in several areas; the trick is to figure out which one is best for you.