The Perfect Lakme Foundation for your Skin

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The Perfect Lakme Foundation for your Skin
01 Jan 2022
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On the occasion of New Year, ladies need the right foundation for their skin. So, we present in this blog the top 5 Lakme Foundations to give you a perfect look this season. #ThinkWithNiche


Hey, rejoice, everyone, for New Year, is coming! Indeed it is a time for happiness, but it is a time to prepare also. The arrival of New Year calls for big celebrations just about every day. We can understand the anxiety of the ladies especially. The time is such that they want to be party-ready each time they step out of their home. 

The men are not that bothered, for the focus is on the ladies. It is not about the dress as it is about your skin. Ask Lakme Foundation! You can have an elegant gown, but if your face is patchy and dotted with pimples, you could be in for an embarrassment. Even if no one notices, you will be conscious of it all the time. Neither will you be able to enjoy the party.

The problem is that if your dress is not up to your expectations, you can change it, but your skin is your skin. If it loses the sheen and acquires an infection, it will take time to heal. The only thing you can do is to bear it. And if in the meantime, a party comes up, and then you are bowled! Either you miss it, or you attend it as you are! And you cannot miss the party of a loved one! After all, you do not want to hurt people who mean a lot to you! Your foundation and make-up are your ideal shelter in this case. Lakme Foundation not only hides the faults of your skin but also enhances it!

Lakme Foundation: The Trustworthy Friend of your Skin! 

The problem is not solved yet! You can use world-class cosmetic products for your make-up, but if the foundation is not of top quality, your entire hard work with your face can get spoiled. It is not enough to get a decent foundation. It must match your skin tone as well. Not only this, a careless choice can harm your skin, and you can suffer for a long time. Anything that touches your skin should be pure and mild because the skin is sensitive and can catch an infection instantly. It needs good care. Lakme Foundation is your knight in shining armor in this effect! It keeps the skin flawless and, at the same time, renders a healthy glow to it!

Born in 1952 in the house of TATA’s, the quality of Lakme is unmatched. So, many foundation brands may have erupted in the market, but the trust enjoyed by Lakme Foundation is permanent. The fragrance and the smooth feel of the foundation allure many ladies. We can completely trust it for our facial skin without any worries. There is an exclusive range of Lakme Foundation from which you can select the best one for your face. Given here are the top 5 variants of Lakme foundation that are perhaps the best in the world – 

Lakme Absolute - Argan Oil Serum Foundation

Wow! The golden bottle! Moroccan Argan oil is famous for having nourishing properties. The fluid enriched with Argan Oil gives you an ultra-smooth finish and maximum coverage. At the same time, it has Anti-sebum elements that prevent bacterial infections such as Acne, etc. The SP45 can protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

Shades: It is available in as many as ten shades like Ivory Cream, Natural light, Rose Silk, Silk Golden, Honey Dew, Natural Almond, Neutral Honey, Cool Cinnamon, Cool Walnut, and Cool Ivory! 

The Argan Oil Foundation is developed for Dry skin, but anyone can use it in winters! 

So pamper your skin with Argan Oil and be ready to shine at the party! 

Lakme Absolute - White Intense Cover Foundation

The White Intense Cover Foundation from the Lakme Absolute range is for the beauties who have to step outside in the afternoon. This Lakme Foundation has the nutrition of Vitamin B3. It beautifully blends with your complexion and makes it soft and supple. It gives it a glow that will make you confident. It has SPF25 to protect you from UV Rays. 

It is not all! This Intense Cover Foundation has an aqua base formula that is immensely hydrating. Its three advantages make it too good to resist:

  • It is sweat-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof 
  • It has the power to last long and keep the face radiant.
  • It conceals the fine lines and blemishes.

Shades: It is available in 5 shades - Rose Fair, Lakfounds_01, Lakfounds_03, and Lakfounds_05 and Golden Light.

The black metallic bottle appeals to your heart. It has a pump nozzle that helps you to get every drop clean and made just for you! It gives you light to medium coverage, which is why it is best suitable for college-going girls and office-going ladies. So use it and let your inner happiness show on your face! 

Lakme Absolute – Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

This Lakme Foundation is all set to steal your heart. You can pick it up without thinking twice! It is suitable for all skin types. It is as light as a feather. You do not feel as if you have heavy make-up on your face. It is breathable and mild. It hides the pores of the face and gives a powder-like finish. 

Shades: It is available in as many as nine shades - Ivory Fair, Golden Light, Rose Fair, Beige Honey, Almond Honey, Medium Toffee, Rick Walnut, and Medium Caramel. 

So if you are looking for comfort, this Lakme Foundation is the perfect choice for you. Even a pearl size is enough to get you ready for the day! So raise your hand for this grand metallic ball and tell the world that comfort can be beautiful!

Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Bi-Phase Foundation

This one is my favorite! Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Bi-Phase Foundation comes with a promise - to give you a beautiful look with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Green Tea. The SPF 30 PA++ has the power to protect you from dangerous Ultraviolet rays.

Shades: It is available in 4 shades – Silky Golden, Ivory Cream, Natural Almond, and Rose Silk.

 The Bi-phase signifies the combination of color pigments and beauty oils to bring out a sun-kissed radiance that gives you a look different from others!

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8 

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8 is the Lakme Foundation for one and all. It is not only pocket-friendly, but it provides you with a perfect salon look. So now, answer everyone who teases you about your not-so-good looks.

Shades: It is available in 4 shades – Shades 01, 02, 03, and 04. 

So now, answer everyone who teases you about your not-so-good looks. Enriched with SPF 8, it is a water-based foundation. You feel fresh and natural. It looks as if you are not wearing any make-up. No wonder it is called Invisible! It does not develop creases. So surprise your loved ones with this natural Lakme Foundation!


So these are the five variants of Lakme Foundation that not only conceal the flaws of your skin but ignite the hidden glow of the skin. Each Lakme Foundation gives you the confidence to carry out your job without thinking about your appearance. Buy your best shade from your nearest store and get the Lakme glow in the New Year! Smile! Have a Happy New Year!


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