6 Companies That Are Going Green

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6 Companies That Are Going Green
11 Nov 2021
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We're all on the same team. It is up to each of us to support the environment and preserve our rich biodiversity. Learn about some companies that are doing just that in interesting ways. #ThinkWithNiche

Rachel Carson, an American marine biologist, and author, wrote, "In nature, nothing exists alone." Her words hold the truth of the entire universe. The rich biodiversity of our planet has always demanded attention and care. But industrialization and urbanization have acted against the environment, by acting in the favor of humans. We have exploited the rich resources of our planet for our gains and have caused great harm to the environment. The recent energy shortage that we faced reflects that. We have finally arrived at the stage where resources have begun to shrink. What we had in abundance, now has to be distributed in small pockets to different regions across the globe.

All of this has added to the complexity of the environmental debate. More than ever, people are talking about it, and that's the best thing that could have happened to us. In the middle of this, several corporations have begun to take various initiatives to support the green movement. Do not, however, mistake this brave step as a result of corporations developing a conscience.  This move is the result of the tireless work of environmental activists, organizations, and environmentalists who have long been asking for reforms that will help our planet sustain. It took them a long time to make big corporations listen to their demands but thankfully some did. We still have a long way to go since many corporations still exploit resources for for-profit motives.

But this blog isn't about the companies that still exploit Earth's resources for for-profit motives. This blog is in celebration of all the corporations that took strong initiatives to support the green movement and raise awareness around it. Let's learn about 6 of these corporations.

1. Dell

Dell sits at the top of the list of leading computer equipment manufacturers. Their products are sold across the globe and remain always in high demand. Since the manufacturing of computer equipment causes a lot of pollution, Dell took the initiative to help recycle these harmful products. Customers can return any Dell-branded equipment, regardless of how old it is, to the business. The corporation then disposes of it in a secure manner.

2. Google

Perhaps the largest corporation in the world, without which the modern world wouldn't be what it is, Google has always been a torchbearer of the green movement. Since Google has a huge data center that uses a lot of energy, the company introduced the world's most energy-efficient data centers. Google also strongly campaigned for the need for energy conservation by every major corporation. On top of that, Google also campaigned in support of renewable energy sources and clean products.

3. Honda

Honda has always been at the forefront of acting in the best interest of our environment as an auto company. The company has been working to develop a hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle that would emit way less harmful substances than the petrol/diesel vehicle. Honda also produces fuel-efficient vehicles and is ranked as one of the most fuel-efficient vehicle manufacturers in America

4. AT&T

AT&T, the famous telecommunication company, aimed to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by a total of 20% by the year 2020. But by 2017, it had already surpassed its target and had reduced a total of 22.6% emission. This was a great initiative by the corporation to support the green movement.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft has been working constantly to come up with ways it can reduce its carbon emission. The company has been 100% net carbon neutral since 2012 and also charges a set amount from all its business partners called 'carbon fee' and uses it to invest in its various environment-related programmes


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