Product Photography-The Key to Online Business Success

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Product Photography-The Key to Online Business Success
07 May 2022
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We all know that Lamborghini never shows their car ads on television, but they sure love to show their supercars on social media, at exhibitions, and other places. This shows how aware they are of their presence in the market. Their images of the car are the reason why people are fascinated with the beasts they manufacture. That is the beauty of product photography. This article is exactly about the genre of photography that can make the business successful in the business world. #TWN

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She - “That image of this jewelry looks so beautiful!”

He - “Jewelry, look how beautiful Ferrari looks in this poster!”

Both - “I wonder how they get such beautiful images?”

It is the magic of product photography. Every company needs to look good when presenting their products to the customers. And to do that, product photography comes into play and makes a brand worth presenting. The product will sell more when it looks good. That is the basic logic one can apply. This article is about product photography and how it helps online businesses with their presence on the internet.

We all know that Lamborghini never shows their car ads on television, but they sure love to show their supercars on social media, at exhibitions, and other places. This shows how aware they are of their presence in the market. Their images of the car are the reason why people are fascinated with the beasts they manufacture. That is the beauty of product photography.

Let’s talk about product photography, shall we?

eCommerce Photography and its Importance

Do you know what percent of the global population prefers buying stuff online?

About 21.8 %, which is roughly 1.66 billion people.

It shows how important it is for a product image to be good to get so many customers.

However, this large number of potential buyers is difficult to persuade, and as more people enter this pool, more online businesses spring up every day, resulting in a fiercely competitive market. Whatever industry you are in, from fashion to technology, cultural goods, B to C offerings, and so on. You must stand out and develop strategies to do so. Among the various tactics you can think of, there is one that has a massive influence on consumer behaviors: product photography. Great Product photography is extremely important for persuading consumers to shop.

Why are we laying so much emphasis on eCommerce photography? This question must be running through you right now.

We as humans remember 20% of what we read, but we also remember 80% of what we see, and that is the answer to the question above.

The human brain processes images in just 13 milliseconds, which means you don't have much time to create a decent first impression on people. What shoppers see is frequently a decisive factor in if they will stay on your site or end up leaving, so it's critical that you invest in developing an online retail outlet that captivates their attention and keeps them intrigued.

So, to captivate the consumer, create stunning images that capture their eyes and mind in 13 milliseconds. And you do this with the help of eCommerce or product photography.

Types of Product Photography You Must Know

Product photography is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Product photos, like your eCommerce store, come in all sorts of styles and objectives, just like the products and services you sell. Some are for daily use, while others are one-of-a-kind and used only in exceptional circumstances. Whether you want to establish a constant look throughout your product photos or mix and match them tastefully, it's critical to understand the differences between each category of eCommerce photography as well as how to best encapsulate them.

We have put together 6 types of product shots that you can use to build an online portfolio for your online business.

  1. Individual Shots

The individual shot is one of the most popular types of product photos, with only one item in the frame. These are frequently used in product catalogs, banner images, and product pages to highlight specific items apart from the entire set.

  1. Group Shots

You guessed it: group shots feature multiple products at once.

Group photography, which is frequently used for product kits and catalogs, showcases the wide - range of your products and provides the customer with a more comprehensive representation of your offering. These images are ideal for posts on social media and ad campaigns because they give customers a taste of your entire brand rather than just one item.

  1. Lifestyle Shots

This is the type of photography where you can show your goods in action.

Lifestyle shots, which are frequently taken with a model, tell the tale behind your item and show your consumers how they can use it in their daily lives.

While lifestyle photos can be used to supplement individual product shots on your product page, they're also ideal for social networks, emails, ads, and other graphic channels because they catch the attention and make your product lines feel more personal.

  1. Scale Shots

A common problem with online shopping is not being able to judge the real size of a product. While product information may list the aspects of a product, product images can be deceiving.

However, scale shots can allow your customers to get a good idea of the true size of a commodity by comparing it to others. It will allow your customers to visualize your goods in their daily lives and boost their confidence when making an online purchase.

  1. Detailed Shots

Detail shots serve to highlight unique product features that a conventional photo might not catch for product lines with small complexities that necessitate a close-up, such as jewelry and other small items.

To capture those delicate shots, this type of photography frequently necessitates specific lighting and camera settings. A macro lens is very useful when you shoot a detailed shot.

  1. Packaging Shots

Customers, believe it or not, care about packaging. Customers expect a consistent shopping experience from start to finish, from surfing your website to buying a product and receiving their goods in the mail. So, even if you have a wonderful product, if your display is lacking, your customers will notice.

And, if your products come in attractive, branded packaging, why not highlight it on your product detail page to give your consumers a taste of what to anticipate?

Importance of eCommerce Photography

Product photography entails far more than simply showing prospective consumers what your good looks like. Well-considered photographs can place your goods in the frame of reference, helping a consumer see how they might fit into their own daily lives. According to researchers, richly detailed visuals of a product will increase a customer's psychical feeling of ownership of that item. Photography can also help to strengthen your brand by emphasizing what you stand for and what you're all about. All of these factors increase the probability of a purchase being inspired.

Below are a few reasons that justify why product photography is important for your online business.

  1. It Helps in Your Brand Building

Product photography is just not a quick strategy but rather a long-term investment in establishing your company as an industry leader.

Consistently posting professionally shot branded product photos on your social channels over days or weeks can interact your company to your audience as:

  • Valued
  • Diverse
  • Quality
  • Innovative
  • Professional

It helps your clients believe that your company truly cares about their necessities, needs, desires, and fears, which motivates them to become favorites and, eventually, loyal customers who purchase your products on a regular basis.

  1. Silent Communication Is Promoted

Because we are visual creatures, images speak louder for us than words, notably in today's digital world. People's attention spans are shorter than ever. As a result, when they scroll through various online platforms, they have very little time and even less patience to read all of the text or product representations.

This is why, now more than ever, having influential and effective product photography that will immediately grab their attention is critical to your business's success.

  1. It Sets the Rights Expectations

22 % of online purchases are returned because the "items look a bit different than the photos." Trying to convince customers to buy things offline is relatively easy than doing so online because the consumer can physically see and feel the product. By doing professional product photography of your goods that tell the story you want to tell, you're setting your customers' expectations about what they're looking at.

High-quality photography also alleviates any concerns they may have about the goods failing to meet their expectations. Customer expectations will be met by high-quality photos that reveal the correct story.

  1. It Helps in Grabbing Customer’s Mood

You cannot take potential buyers to a river and demonstrate how wonderful and comfy your canoe is.

However, you can express this vibe through the images you post on your website. With professional product photography, sow the seed that your commodity is the ideal answer to all of their problems. Perfectly captured, efficient, and relevant product photography captures people's attention in nanoseconds. This increases the likelihood of high sales.

  1. It Shoos Away Competitors

You may believe your product is unique, but this is not the case.

There are companies that sell products with the same characteristics as yours. Talking with your photos is a great way to kill your competition, separate yourself, and attract more customers.

Using high-quality product photography, you can demonstrate that your products are far more detail-oriented, better at solving your customers' problems, and superior to your competitors.

These are the few ways by which you can use product photography for your online business. Apply the techniques and bring out the best images of your product and become a business tycoon.