Cool Ways To Use An Everyday Product

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Cool Ways To Use An Everyday Product
31 Jul 2021
6 min read

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There are a lot of ways one can use a product creatively. Here are some DIY products you can make yourself at home without doing much.

As an Indian, I can confidently say that a product never loses its purpose. We are masters at make shifting and using a product for various purposes. An old t-shirt becomes a rug, a broken cup becomes a holder, empty bottles take the place of candleholders, and empty chocolate boxes transform into a storage unit for small items. 

Indians are master makeshift and it’s about time we take pride in this fact. Pride, because make shifting benefits the environment. 

At the bottom of this amusing concept is recycling which forms the crux of environmental preservation. So there’s no shame in recycling a product. This shame only emerges from capitalism, which teaches us to become vociferous buyers. Its aggressive marketing projects products as human needs and falsely associates happiness with owning things. This false equivalence benefits no one except the market. 

So there’s no shame in a makeshift. Now let’s take a look at some cool, unexpected ways you can use everyday products. Here we go- 

1.Tongs as Citrus Juicer

You know what, Citrus Juicers are expensive. So for those who cannot afford it or perhaps don’t want to buy something they’d be using once in a month, tongs are a lifesaver. Just put that juicy lemon in between the two arms of the tongs and squeeze the hell out of it. And there you have it. A delicious glass of lemonade. 

2. Kinder Joy Earphones Holder

Kinder Joys are delicious sweets. But guess what? They can easily be used as an earphone holder. All you need to do is to wash the eggshell of Kinder Joy and paint it a nice color. Or decorate it however you fancy. And there you go. You have yourself a brand new and perfectly usable earphones holder. Now you won't be turning your house upside down looking for your earphones.  

3. Old Guitar As A Shelf

Got yourself an old guitar that’s rotting in your garage? Well, you can make a pretty shelf out of it. All you’ve got to do is to remove the part with the strings. After that cut small wooden plates and stick them accordingly into the insides of the guitar. Decorate it according to your taste. That’s it. Now hang it on the wall of your room. You can easily decorate your books on it. It would not only look good but would also work great as a conversation starter.

4. Mug Sweater Out Of Old Socks

Got yourselves a pair of old, rugged pairs of socks? Wonderful. You can easily cut a mug sweater out of it. Just make sure that your socks are elastic enough to wrap themselves around the neck of a cup. After that just cut out a sizable piece and wash it real nice. You need to get rid of that stinky smell. And now you’ve got yourself a nice, cozy mug sweater that’d not only keep your poison hot but would also protect your hands from burning. It’s very handy. And you can make as many as you want. One for each cup. 

5. Tic Toc As Ribbon Storage

Tic Tocs are some of the most delicious mints you’ll ever have. And if you are addicted to them like me, there’s something you might be able to do with all those tics to plastic cans. You can use them as ribbon storage units. No, for real! All you have got to do is wash it and then roll your ribbons. Then put it neatly into the box and then pick one end and put it into the mouth of the little lid. There you go. Enjoy a cute little can for your cute ribbons. 

Do give these awesome ideas a try. And if you’ve got any creative ideas? Share it with us in the comments.  



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