Mobile Set to Conquer the Market

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Mobile Set to Conquer the Market
22 Sep 2021
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Mobile technology is witnessing enormous market growth globally. India is one of major players with billions of mobile users. This blog provides insights supported with factual data on mobile technology and its scope. #ThinkWithNiche

In 2020, mobile technologies and services contributed 5 percent of the global GDP. The contribution was worth 4.4 trillion dollars. The number of mobile services and cost-effective phones has shifted the consumer preference global. The wide availability of cheap tariffs in India enabled many people to use data. This made a wide range of mobile services available for them.

Mobile Industry Set to Reach Milestones

Mobile Industry is set to reach milestones by 2025. 5.2 billion mobile users increased in 2020. This enormous growth of the industry is evidence of the increasing popularity of mobile usage. Without mobile phones, today’s life seems impossible. This dependency might be one of the biggest achievements of mobile industry. The requirement of mobile for online classes added to the dependency on mobile phones.

Unique Mobile users are expected to increase by 5.7 billion by the end of 2025. Countries like India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are supposed to drive this milestone mobile growth.

Smartphone Penetration Breaking Barriers

With a population of 1.3 billion, 795 million internet subscribers, and 448 million smartphone users, India’s telecom industry is poised to become the primary platform for content distribution and consumption. Entertainment apps are driving significant consumer engagement — India ranks as one of the fastest-growing app markets globally. Online video, audio, news, and social media consumers all increased in 2020 Android remained the most preferred operating system Mobile and internet penetration in India EY FICCI 2021. At 4.6 hours per day, Indians came third in the world, for the most amount of time spent on phones in 2020. Games remained the most downloaded app category under entertainment.

Online Gaming: Fastest Growing M&E Segment

Online gaming is the fastest-growing segment of the Media and Entertainment Industry. The segment grew by 18% in 2020. Work from home and new multiplayer games were thee3 main causes of such growth. The increasing popularity of online gaming and increasing users are working in favor of the mobile industry. Online gamers are expected to grow to 500 million users by the end of 2025. This means that with the increase in online gamers the users of mobile will also increase. The demand for good technology phones and online games subscribed are directly proportional.


Pandemic stopped all the physical activities and mobile technology is what was used for everything. From entertainment to study to work from home, mobile-assisted in everything. It made our lives easy in difficult times of a global, helped us connect to our relatives, play online games like Ludo and Chess. YouTube witnessed a great number of new channels during mobile game streams which also ended up increasing mobile users from subscriber as well content makers’ end

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