Let the Stickers Roll

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Let the Stickers Roll
18 Aug 2021
6 min read

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What do you find on the desks in a cubicle these days? What do you find pasted at the back of cars? What do you find introverts scribbling their diary covered with? Well, these questions will have variations in answers. But aren’t these questions weird? I mean who asks such questions. You feel me right?# ThinkWithNiche.

Life Is Not About Finding Answers, It Is About Coming Up With Questions You Already Have Answers For.”

Well, today’s topic agrees truly with this quote. The answer to the above question might seem petty, but guys this small window opens into a big, hidden world you never thought existed. Stickers. Yes, stickers are the answers to the above questions, at least one of the possible answers. Do you feel me? If not, you surely will in a few minutes. 

Businesses are usually diversified once they take off at the start and have spend an ample amount of time in the market, but when it comes to stickers it’s the opposite. Depending upon your initial investment, you can find your niche in this business. You can take this business in different directions like the planner community, business owners, bumpers stickers, decorative vinyl stickers, bands and merchandising, and much more.

Let’s dig in.

Do you Love Journaling?

In recent years, journaling is being promoted by literally every renowned personality. Studies have shown that journaling levels up your average life. And not only that it works as a great organizer and an introspecting mirror. The more these journals and even planners are trending, the more people have started to fantasize about them in their own ways. No this simply opens doors for you to pitch in and roll your stickers. These stickers can be anything, relatable, universal or motivational. People with such inclination tend to make their diaries, journals and planners as attractive and engaging as possible for themselves. Organizing their work in such a planner with motivating and lively quotes.

 Business Owners

Who doesn’t like those little goodies that come along with the item ordered? Yes we do, don’t we? Those cute, little stickers can be the reason for a little happiness to anyone. Well, business mind, here’s your clue. Everyone appreciates little “thank you”/ “come again”/ “happy to have you” tokens.

  A good example of this can be seen right near you, bakery and gift shops are full of these.

 Bumper Stickers

If you have a great sense of humour and can think of quick quotes to turn into stickers, bumper stickers might be a good niche for you. You would have often guessed if anyone is Gryffindor fan or slytherine fan, well how, of course, are the red/pink or green stickers on their notebooks or backpacks. Yes, so a lot of personality traits can be guessed simply by these small stickers. These are displayed in the backs of people’s cars and often communicate a lot of personalities. Bold, colourful, and daring stickers often do well in this niche.

Bands And Merchandising

And finally, stickers also make excellent merch to promote you or your brand! If you already have your own online community that loves your content, a sticker business is a great way to monetize your viewership. And if you are not owning a business or brand, you can go for the famous industries of music, animation and, acting. Famous personalities, their quotes or quirky dialogues, anything related to them.

You can boost up your business with this as your plan, also you can run it as a side business for you as it doesn’t require much attention and maintenance. All you need to focus on is consistent quality delivery, which will help you to not only sell stickers but bind them as your customers in the long run.

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