It's About Time We Play Our Part In Protecting Our Environment. Here Are Few Simple Tips To Help Our Environment

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It's About Time We Play Our Part In Protecting Our Environment. Here Are Few Simple Tips To Help Our Environment
09 Sep 2021
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If we have to secure our environment, we all will have to play our own part. People fear that saving the environment is a tumultuous task which is absolutely false. There are million little things you can do to help save the environment. Learn more about it in the article. #ThinkWithNiche

Let's not dilly dally around the fact that we all have played a crucial role in making our environment reach the extreme level of toxicity that it has reached till now. Directly or indirectly, we have engaged in activities that have harmed our environment. Earth temperature didn't arise overnight. It's the cumulative result of many years of carelessness. But there's still time to rectify our errors.

There's a common perception that saving the environment requires tumultuous energy and time. It may be true at a large level, but this couldn't be more untrue on an individual level. There are hundred little things you can do to help the environment. These are more or less in the shape of healthy habits that will help you create a sustainable lifestyle. These may not seem like much, but you only need to look at the large picture to realize how much of a difference these little habits can have on the planet. So without further ado, let's have a look at some simple tips to help our planet.

1. Dry Your Clothes In The Sun

A Drier uses 5-10 times more energy than a washing machine and hence is a huge source of harmful emissions around the globe. Therefore, one of the things you can do to help the environment in your capacity is to dry your clothes outside. Ditching your drier will obviously take up a little bit of time for your clothes to dry, but if the whole of Europe can live without using Drier, so can you.

2. Use Heater and AC accordingly

What usually happens is that most people keep these appliances turned on for a long time. The thing with heaters and air conditioners is that they don't have to be used for the whole day. Your AC can comfortably cool down your room in an hour, and then you can switch it for another hour or two, and it wouldn't make much of a difference. Conservation of energy is important to save the environment, and this is a great way to practice it.

3. Reusable Water Bottles

Don't buy plastics water bottles as they are more likely to be turned up at a seashore or a beach. Buy a reusable bottle and fill it up from time to time. That way, you will always be hydrated when you are carrying your water bottle, and you'll be helping the environment. The best kind of water bottles to buy are insulated metal bottles, as they help maintain the warmth and coldness of your drink.

4. Transportation

Don't Uber everywhere. Your health, as well as the environment, should take long walks. Many people, because of convenience, use Ola, Uber to go everywhere. Being mindful of your transportation is another great way to help the environment. It would help if you tried walking to places that aren't that far from your house, such as your college, workplace, library, etc. Or there's always the option of cycling. Cycles are great for your health, and they are super environmentally friendly. Over the years, many people have started cycling to their workplaces. It's an easy way to help the environment.

5. Your Own Carry Bag

Most people don't take their own carry bag while visiting a store. They rely on plastic bags that are extremely toxic to the environment. Hence, it's advisable to buy a carry bag, preferably made of cloth, and then carry it every time you go out shopping.


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