India's Biggest IPOs of 2021 With Highest Listing Gains

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India's Biggest IPOs of 2021 With Highest Listing Gains
21 Mar 2022
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Many companies have successfully launched their initial public offerings (IPOs) in the market. Many saw significant listing improvements, while others went unnoticed. Let's take a look at the companies with the highest listing gains. #TWN

IPOs have traditionally been a turning point for every private firm, determining the company's long-term fate for its investors. Initial public offers (IPOs) are private firms' initial public offerings that are listed on a stock exchange. They are stock that can be purchased by the general public and investors. For many people, initial public offerings (IPOs) have long been an appealing investment. They constantly make the news, and the firms that provide them are always massive. Every year, a large number of large companies do IPOs, and this year was no exception. In India too, companies are coming out with their IPOs. This fiscal year has been really good in terms of IPOs with some of the biggest Indian companies ranking higher. Companies such as Zomato and HDFC have done well. 

List of India’s biggest IPOs of 2021

1. Coal India

Coal India is the world's largest coal miner which is why when it opened its IPO in 2010, people rushed to invest in the company. The state-miner raised 15,199 crore rupees and became India’s biggest IPO at the time. I say at the time because the record would soon be broken by Paytm with their 18,300 crore rupees IPOs.

2. General Insurance Corp of India

General Insurance Corp of India is an Indian nationalized reinsurance company that offered its IPO in 2017. The corporation raised 11,257 crore rupees in IPO and ranked second to Coal India.

3. SBI card and payment services

SBI cards owned by the State Bank of India is India’s largest lender and so it makes sense that their IPO ranked higher. It raised a total of 10,341 crore rupees in 2020.

4. Reliance Power

Reliance is one of India's largest corporations, and its owner, the Ambanis, is India's richest family. People have long trusted the Ambani family, which is why Reliance Power raised a record-breaking 10,123 crore rupees in its initial public offering (IPO) in 2008.

5. New India Assurance

The New India Assurance is a nationalized general insurance company based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The state-run company created history in 2017 by raising 9,586 crore rupees in IPO.

Expected IPOs in 2022

1. LIC

LIC is a well-known government-managed life insurance company in India. It is anticipated that its initial public offering (IPO) proposal will be completed by the end of the current fiscal year. The LIC IPO is expected to raise Rs.1 lakh crore, making it the largest Indian IPO to date.

2. NSE

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is estimated to be worth around Rs. 2 lakh crore. This year, India's largest stock exchange is expected to go public, raising Rs 10,000 crore through a share sale.

3. Byju’s

Over the last decade, the number of startups in India has increased dramatically. Byju's is an ed-tech platform and one of India's most valuable startups. There is speculation that BYJU will merge with a Churchill Capital acquisition business.

4. Delhivery

The logistics sector in India has seen a lot of activity in recent years, and Delhivery is one of the largest startups in this sector. The company has filed its DRHP with SEBI, and the IPO is expected to raise approximately Rs. 7,400 crores. China Momentum Fund, Times Internet, and SoftBank are among the company's major stockholders.

5. PharmEasy

PharmEasy, a pharmaceutical platform, is aiming to raise Rs. 6,250 crores through a new share issue to settle debts and promote organic growth initiatives, among other things. While it is facing some opposition in the form of the CAIT's (Confederation of All India Traders) appeal to dismissal because internet pharmacies do not fall under Indian legal provisions, the IPO is still expected to be launched this year.

6. SnapDeal

SnapDeal is an e-commerce platform that has quickly become a household name. Preliminary IPO paperwork has been filed with SEBI, and the DRHP mentions a target of Rs.1,250 crores through a fresh issue. It is one of the most promising initial public offerings that could go public in 2022.

7. Mobikwik

Mobile wallets have become increasingly important in our lives, particularly in light of pandemic restrictions. Following SEBI approval, the company decided to postpone its IPO launch in November of last year to wait for more favorable market conditions. However, it is very likely that it will be released within the next year or so.

8. OLA

Ola is yet another unicorn startup that will list on the stock exchange in 2022. Following heavy losses during the pandemic, the company focused on a growth rampage, and newly launched sub-platforms such as Ola Cars have kept it afloat. Its launch of Ola Electric marks the company's entry into India's OEM market. As a result, OLA is one of the IPOs that investors are anticipating this year.


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