Effective Strategies for Increasing Pinterest Followers in 2023

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Effective Strategies for Increasing Pinterest Followers in 2023
02 Aug 2023
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Unlock the Power of Pinterest: Boost Your Following in 2023 

Are you looking to expand your business's online presence? If you haven't considered Pinterest yet, you're missing out on a tremendous growth opportunity.

With over 478 million active users, Pinterest has become a powerful platform that can propel your reach to a broader audience. But, how can you tap into this vast user base and significantly increase your following? We've got you covered! 

In this article, we'll explore effective strategies to boost your Pinterest followers in 2023. We'll delve into creating high-quality, visually appealing pins, using relevant keywords and hashtags, maintaining a consistent pinning schedule, and engaging with other Pinterest users.

These strategies aren't just theoretical; they've been tried, tested, and proven effective by successful Pinterest users. 

Pinterest isn't just about pinning; it's about building connections and growing your business. With the right strategies, you can attract a large and loyal following.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of Pinterest and skyrocket your following?

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your follower count. But with consistency and dedication, you'll watch your Pinterest following grow by leaps and bounds.

As we step into 2023, we understand that Pinterest isn't just a fun and inspirational platform for individuals, but a powerful tool for businesses. If you're a business owner or a marketer looking to expand your reach, increasing your Pinterest followers is a smart move. But how do you do this effectively? 

If you're looking to expand your online presence, Pinterest should be on your radar. As a leading social media platform with millions of daily active users, Pinterest presents a unique opportunity to reach a broad audience and grow your business. But how can you effectively increase your Pinterest followers in 2023? In this article, we'll explore a number of robust strategies that can help you achieve just that. 

Each of these strategies is designed to increase your visibility on this platform, attract more followers, and ultimately drive more traffic to your site. Ready to dive in? Let's get started.

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is an innovative social media platform where users 'pin' images, videos, and other content to their virtual pinboards. It's a hub of creativity and inspiration, where one can discover everything from DIY home decor ideas to latest fashion trends. It serves as a visual search engine that allows users to discover, share, and store visual content they find inspiring, helpful or entertaining. 

"250 million monthly active users."

Why is Pinterest important for you? 

Given its visual nature and active user base, Pinterest has evolved as an influential platform for businesses and marketers. It's a great platform for sharing product images, behind-the-scenes photos, infographics, and other visual content that tie back to your products, services, or values.

 The Power of Pinterest: A Guide to Boosting Your Followers in 2023

With the advent of 2023, Pinterest continues to command a strong presence in the social media landscape. Businesses and individuals alike are seeking ways to increase their Pinterest followers. Success lies in the strategic implementation of a number of effective methods. So, let's take a deep dive into some of these strategies that are bound to skyrocket your Pinterest followers this year. 

Effective Strategies for Increasing Pinterest Followers in 2023

1. Creating High-Quality Pins 

When it comes to Pinterest, the quality of your pins can make or break your ability to grow your follower base. High-quality pins not only attract the attention of Pinterest users, but they also send a strong message about your brand's commitment to quality and aesthetics. It is therefore essential to invest time and effort in creating pins that are visually appealing and relevant to your target audience. 

"83% of Pinterest users prefer to follow brands than celebrities."

What Constitutes a High-Quality Pin? 

A high-quality pin typically combines an attractive image with a compelling description. It communicates a clear message, matches your brand identity, and is designed to engage your target audience. Some factors that can contribute to the quality of a pin include: 

  • Visual appeal: Pinterest is a highly visual platform, so the more attractive your pin, the more likely it is to get noticed. Use high-resolution images and play around with colors, filters, and layouts to make your pin stand out.

  • Relevance: Your pins should be relevant to your audience and your brand. They should reflect the interests and tastes of your target audience, and they should align with your brand values and identity.

  • Engaging description: A compelling description can make a big difference in attracting attention to your pin. Use relevant keywords and hashtags, and make sure your description is concise and engaging.

Beyond these elements, it's important to remember that creating high-quality pins is an ongoing process. It involves experimenting with different designs, monitoring the performance of your pins, and refining your approach based on what works best for your audience and your brand.

And remember - the most important thing is to create pins that your audience will find valuable. After all, the ultimate goal is to inspire them to follow your Pinterest account and engage with your brand.

"83% of Pinterest users are women."

2. Utilizing Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

When it comes to increasing your Pinterest followers in 2023, the strategic use of relevant keywords and hashtags is a critical element to consider. This is a proven method for enhancing the visibility of your pins and profile, thereby driving more traffic and attracting more followers. 

Keywords are essential because Pinterest operates much like a search engine. When users input certain keywords into the Pinterest search bar, the platform generates pins that best match those search terms. Hence, using relevant keywords in your pins, pin titles, and descriptions can significantly improve your visibility on the platform. 

Similarly, hashtags serve as a powerful tool for categorizing your content, making it easier for others to discover your pins. Each pin should contain at least 2-3 relevant hashtags. However, keep in mind that using too many hashtags can be counterproductive as it may dilute your message or make your pins appear spammy. 

Here are some tips to effectively utilize keywords and hashtags on Pinterest: 

  • Research Your Keywords: Use tools like Pinterest's search bar or Google's Keyword Planner to identify the keywords that your target audience is most likely to search for. Be sure to use these keywords in your pin descriptions, titles, and even in your Pinterest profile bio.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Include hashtags that are relevant to your content and your target audience. Refrain from using trending hashtags that are unrelated to your content. This could potentially mislead users and damage your credibility.

  • Be Consistent: Use the same keywords and hashtags across your pins to create a consistent brand image. This will help users recognize your content and increase the likelihood of them following your profile.

By leveraging the power of keywords and hashtags, you can significantly boost your Pinterest visibility, which in turn, will help attract more followers to your profile.

Remember, the goal is not just to attract a large number of followers, but to attract the right followers – those who are genuinely interested in your content and are more likely to engage with it.

3. Pinning Consistently

Consistency is key when it comes to increasing your Pinterest followers. Pinning regularly not only keeps your profile active and engaging but also increases the chances of your content being seen by more users. Users are more likely to follow accounts that regularly post high-quality, relevant content. 

"Two-thirds of all pins on Pinterest represent brands and products."

How often should you pin? 

While there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, a good rule of thumb is to pin at least once a day. This ensures your profile remains active and is consistently seen by your followers and potential followers.

However, don't sacrifice the quality of your pins for quantity. It's better to pin one high-quality image per day than multiple low-quality ones. 

What should you pin? 

Always aim for pins that are relevant to your brand and appealing to your target audience. Remember, Pinterest is a visually driven platform, so use high-quality images and compelling graphics.

Additionally, make sure your pins link to valuable, relevant content. This could be a blog post, a product page, or any other web page that provides value to the user and aligns with your brand. 

When should you pin? 

Pin during times when your audience is most likely to be active on Pinterest. According to data from Pinterest, the platform sees the most activity in the evenings and on weekends. However, it's beneficial to analyze your own Pinterest data and identify when your followers are most active. You can then pin during these peak times to maximize your visibility. 

Remember, consistency goes beyond just pinning regularly. It also means maintaining a consistent brand image and voice across all your pins. This helps create a cohesive and recognizable brand experience for your followers.

"Pins with a call-to-action see an 80% increase in engagement."

Consistency is Key: How Pinning Regularly Can Increase Your Followers

Imagine you're at a party, and there's this one person who's full of life, always present, and always engaging. Wouldn't you naturally feel drawn to them? That's exactly how pinning consistently works on Pinterest. It keeps you visible and top-of-mind for your followers, making you the life of their Pinterest party. 

Now, let's dive into how pinning regularly can help skyrocket your follower count: 

1. Keeping Your Profile Active 

Consistency is synonymous with activity. The more you pin, the more active your profile appears. Remember, Pinterest is like a search engine. The algorithm favors active users, increasing their visibility which eventually leads to more followers. So, pin often and keep your profile bustling! 

2. Frequent Exposure 

The more often you pin, the more often you appear in your followers' feed. This not only increases your visibility, but also increases the likelihood of your pins being shared, thereby reaching new audiences and potential followers. 

3. Fostering Trust and Reliability 

Consistency breeds trust. When you pin regularly, you're showing your audience that you're reliable, dedicated, and invested in providing them value. This makes you more trustworthy, encouraging more people to follow you. 

So, how often should you pin? Well, there isn't an exact science to it. However, a good rule of thumb is to pin anywhere from 3 to 30 pins per day. Remember, it's about consistency, not quantity. Pinning 100 pins one day and then disappearing for a week won't do much good. 

Quality over quantity, consistency over sporadic actions - that's your mantra for Pinterest success!

So, ready to be the life of the Pinterest party? Start pinning regularly and watch your follower count take flight!

"Pinterest is the second-largest driver of social media traffic to Shopify stores."

4. Engaging with Other Pinterest Users

Ever heard the saying, 'no man is an island'? Well, it applies in the world of Pinterest too! We cannot overemphasize the relevance of engaging with other Pinterest users. But how exactly do you go about this? Let's delve in. 

Firstly, you can't just sit back and wait for followers to stumble upon your page. You've got to be proactive! Reach out to others, especially those who share similar interests. Leave comments on their pins, repin their content, or even send direct messages. Engagement goes both ways - it's about creating and nurturing relationships, not just gaining followers. 

  • Leave Comments on Pins: By leaving thoughtful and relevant comments on other users' pins, you not only get noticed by the original pinner but also by other users who see your comment. Remember, your comments should add value, not be spammy.

  • Repin Other Users' Content: Repinning is a great way to engage. It not only shows that you appreciate others' content but also helps to diversify your own boards. However, be sure to only repin high-quality pins that fit with your brand and are relevant to your audience.

  • Send Direct Messages: Pinterest isn't just about pins and boards, it has a social aspect too. Don't be afraid to send direct messages to other users. Whether it's to compliment them on a great pin or to discuss potential collaboration, it's another way to build relationships.

Remember, the goal here is to build a community, not just a follower count. So, genuinely engage with others, show appreciation for their work, and don't be afraid to reach out. After all, isn't that what Pinterest is all about? 

So, are you ready to get out there, engage with other Pinterest users, and watch your follower count soar?

"Pinterest is the top social media platform for inspiring purchases."

5. Using Pinterest Analytics to Track Your Progress

One of the most effective ways to gauge the success of your Pinterest strategies is through the use of Pinterest Analytics. This tool provides invaluable insights into your Pinterest performance, allowing you to understand what's working and what needs adjustment. 

Let's delve into how you can use Pinterest Analytics to monitor your progress: 

  • Profile Analytics: This gives an overview of how your pins are performing. It offers insights into impressions, clicks, and saves, helping you identify which pins are getting the most engagement.
  • Audience Analytics: Here you can see demographics and interests of your followers. You can understand who your audience is and what they're interested in, allowing you to tailor your content accordingly.
  • Website Analytics: If you have a business account and have claimed your website, you can get information about how content from your site is performing on Pinterest.

By regularly monitoring and analyzing these metrics, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your Pinterest strategies and maximize your follower growth. 

Remember, the key to successful Pinterest marketing lies not only in gaining new followers but also in engaging and retaining existing ones. Continuously optimizing your strategies based on your Pinterest Analytics is essential for achieving long-term success on the platform.

Analytics Type Key Insights
Profile Analytics Performance of pins (impressions, clicks, saves)
Audience Analytics Demographics and interests of followers
Website Analytics Performance of website content on Pinterest

Remember to regularly check your Pinterest Analytics, make necessary adjustments based on insights, and continuously strive to deliver content that resonates with your audience. This proactive approach will help ensure your success on Pinterest in 2023 and beyond.

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6. Regular Analysis and Adjustment

As we step into 2023, one thing that shouldn't be overlooked is the power of analytics. Remember, regularly checking your Pinterest Analytics is more crucial than ever. Why, you ask? Well, let's delve into that. 

  • Insights: Your Pinterest Analytics provides valuable insights. It's like a roadmap to your audience's preferences and behavior. This can guide you to create more relevant and engaging pins.
  • Adjustments: Based on the insights you gather, adjustments can be made to your Pinterest strategy. If some pins are doing exceptionally well, replicate their success. On the other hand, pins that aren't resonating can signal the need for change.

Remember, the key to success in 2023 is to be proactive, not reactive. By continuously delivering content that resonates with your audience, you're on the path to achieving your Pinterest goals.

7. Using a Pin Scheduler

Let's dive into the world of pin schedulers. Ever wondered how to keep your Pinterest board buzzing with activity even when you’re off the grid? The answer lies in the nifty tool we call a 'pin scheduler'. It's a fantastic way to maintain a consistent posting schedule, which is absolutely crucial for gaining traction on Pinterest. 

So you may ask, 'why is consistency so critically important on Pinterest?' The answer is simple. Pinterest, like other social media platforms, uses algorithms to determine what content to show users. If you’re pinning regularly, you’re telling Pinterest’s algorithm that you’re an active and reliable pinner. This has a two-fold benefit. Firstly, it increases the chances of your pins appearing in your followers' feeds. Secondly, it makes your profile more likely to be suggested to potential new followers. So, consistency is key! 

Now, let's talk about how to use a pin scheduler effectively: 

Choose a reliable pin scheduler: There are several pin schedulers available, like Tailwind and Buffer. Look for one that fits your budget and requirements, and that's reliable. Remember, you're entrusting this tool with your Pinterest presence.

Plan your pins: Don’t just randomly schedule pins. Think about what your audience wants to see and when they are likely to be active on Pinterest. Plan your content accordingly.

Use analytics: Most pin schedulers provide valuable analytics. Use these to understand what type of content is resonating with your audience. This can guide your pinning strategy moving forward.

Note: Be careful not to over-rely on pin schedulers. They are a tool to enhance your Pinterest strategy, not replace your engagement with the platform. Regularly check in, engage with your followers, and manually pin content too.

To sum it up, a pin scheduler can be your secret weapon for maintaining a consistent and impactful presence on Pinterest. We’ve given you the why and the how, now it’s over to you to put it into practice. Happy pinning!

"Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic to shopping sites than Facebook."

8. Engage and Grow: Tips for Building Relationships on Pinterest

Let's dive in, shall we? Multitudes of pins are floated every day on Pinterest, but what can make yours stand out and attract more followers? One of the surefire strategies to increase your Pinterest followers in 2023 is to engage actively with other users on the platform. This isn't about indiscriminate liking and commenting, it's about building meaningful relationships. Here are a few tips on how to do just that: 

Be Genuine and Interactive 

Engaging in the world of Pinterest means being authentic and genuine. It means not just pinning and leaving, but also interacting with others. Comment on pins that resonate with you, and respond to comments on your own pins. Remember, social media thrives on interaction. The more you interact, the more visibility you gain, and the more followers you're likely to attract. 

Follow Relevant Boards and Users 

Discover and follow boards that align with your interests or business niche. Following relevant boards and users not only keeps your feed fresh, but also exposes you to potential followers. Remember, following someone on Pinterest isn't a one-way street. Many users will also check out who's following them, and if your pins are interesting enough, they may reciprocate the follow. 

Pro Tip: Be selective in who you follow. Aim for quality over quantity. You want to build a network of users that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

"Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform in terms of revenue."

9. Collaborate with Other Pinners

Consider collaborating with other users or brands on Pinterest. Collaboration can take various forms such as co-hosting a Pinterest contest, participating in group boards, or co-creating pins. This not only exposes you to a larger audience but also increases your chances of gaining more followers. 

Remember, the key is consistency. Consistent engagement builds familiarity and trust, and ultimately, a larger following on Pinterest.

So, ready to engage and grow your Pinterest following in 2023? Start implementing these tips today and watch your follower count soar!

The Benefits of Collaborating with Other Pinterest Users effective ways to increase your Pinterest following in 2023 is by collaborating with other users on the platform. This strategy not only helps in expanding your reach and visibility but also allows you to connect with like-minded individuals or businesses. So, why should you consider this strategy? Let's dive in.

Expanding Your Reach 

When you collaborate with other Pinterest users, your pins are exposed to their followers as well. This dramatically increases your potential reach, giving you the opportunity to attract more followers. It's a simple, yet effective, demonstration of the principle "the more, the merrier". 

Building Relationships 

Collaborations foster relationships. Through these partnerships, you can build a network of like-minded individuals and businesses. It's a two-way street—you share, they share, and together, you grow. Isn't it amazing how mutual support can lead to mutual growth? 

Enhancing Your Content 

Collaborating with others brings fresh perspectives and ideas to your Pinterest boards. This enhances your content and keeps your followers engaged. Plus, varied content is more likely to be repinned, increasing your visibility. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good mix of content? 

Gaining Credibility 

When you collaborate with well-established Pinterest users, it lends credibility to your profile. Their followers see that they trust you, and in turn, they might start trusting you too. And what's the result? Let me tell you: More followers and increased engagement! 

10. Staying Up-to-Date: Keeping Your Pinterest Strategy Fresh in 2023

If you're a seasoned Pinterest user or a newbie, one thing is certain: keeping your strategy fresh is a must. After all, trends change, Pinterest's algorithm evolves, and your audience's preferences may shift. So, how do you keep up with all these changes and ensure your Pinterest game is on point in 2023? Let's dive into it. 

1. Keep an Eye on Pinterest Trends 

Pinterest is a trend-driven platform. As such, it's essential to stay in the know about what's currently popular. Regularly check Pinterest's trending page to discover new and popular content. This will give you insights into what your audience might be interested in and help you create relevant pins. 

2. Experiment with Different Pin Formats 

2023 is the year of experimentation on Pinterest. From standard pins to video pins and carousels, play around with different pin formats. Not only does this keep your content fresh, but it also allows you to see what type of content resonates best with your audience. 

3. Adapt to Pinterest's Algorithm Changes 

Like any other social media platform, Pinterest regularly updates its algorithm. What worked yesterday might not work today. Stay informed about these changes and adapt your strategy accordingly. Remember, the goal is not just to increase your followers, but also to engage them effectively. 

"Pinterest's algorithm favors fresh content and engagement."

4. Engage with Your Audience 

Engagement is key to any successful Pinterest strategy. Respond to comments, re-pin content from your followers, and take time to engage with pins related to your niche. By doing this, you not only build a community but also increase your visibility, resulting in more followers. To further enhance your Pinterest presence, you may also want to explore organizing contests or giveaways using competition templates.

5. Regularly Refresh Your Pins 

Don't just set and forget your pins. It's crucial to regularly refresh your content to keep it relevant and engaging. This could mean updating pin descriptions, changing the image, or even completely revamping the pin. Remember, fresh pins mean more exposure and more followers. 


staying up-to-date with your Pinterest strategy in 2023 requires you to be proactive and adaptable. Keep an eye on Pinterest trends, experiment with pin formats, adapt to algorithm changes, engage with your audience, and regularly refresh your pins.

It's a continuous process, but with dedication and creativity, you'll see your follower count soar to new heights. Are you ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level?

We've given you the steps, but now it's up to you. Ready to start growing your Pinterest following? Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep at it and you'll soon see your Pinterest following grow leaps and bounds. Happy pinning!Introduction 

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