Company Picnic: Relax And Have Fun

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Company Picnic: Relax And Have Fun
08 Sep 2021
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 A company outing can boost our confidence, nourish a relationship, and show appreciation for your team, but these office activities also require careful coordination and careful planning to achieve these goals. Read the below article for a complete guide and plan the perfect office picnic. #ThinkWithNiche.  

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Make A Perfect Planner And Be prepared For A Company Picnic

 An office picnic is a get-together of all the managers and employees to spend gala time together. Companies frequently hold team picnics to make their employees happier and more connected, as well as to thank them for their hard work during the year. There may be multiple persons in a huge office who have never spent much time together. As a result, allowing them to interact and participate in games and other activities can help departments work together better.

But before going for a company picnic, there are many things to consider and plan

1. Budget Planning 

You normally have to pay for the site, food, and activities when you hold a workplace picnic. As the number of employees served grows, so does the cost. So, before you start arranging the picnic, figure out how much money your company can save. Examine your budget to see if there are any areas where you may save money and put it toward more critical business operations. The first step in planning a picnic should be to create a budget.

2. Date, Time, And Location 

After you've planned a corporate picnic, you'll need to choose a date so that you can prepare ahead of time. When picking a date, you should also consider the weather. Even if you can't foresee the weather, try to stay away from rainy seasons. Typically, the months of December through February are ideal for a picnic. Also, avoid holding office picnics on national holidays or Sundays, as your employees may want to spend their free time with their family on such days.

Try having the picnic during working hours on a working day; it will be a relaxing day for everyone. You can also simply ask your staff when they like to work.

Another crucial decision you must make ahead of time is the location. Choose a place that is both accessible and large enough to accommodate all of your guests. You can choose from a picnic area, park, campground, beach, playground, outdoor party centre, or the roof of your company.

3. Make A Planner Ready

You can choose for a simple picnic or a picnic with elaborate decorations, but you'll need an event planner. This planner will assist you in meticulously planning every detail and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and in accordance with your objectives and budget. If you're not sure where to begin, have your organiser create an ideal schedule for you.

Request that your fundraiser keep track of the budget and that some of the staff handle other aspects of management.

4. Make a List Of Invitees

Companies typically invite all of their employees to office picnics, but you can also enable them to bring guests, such as their wives, other family members, or children. However, think about your budget and available space to determine whether you can double or triple your guest list. Invitations were traditionally sent by card. However, you may alter the way you communicate with your staff.
You can, for example, send out email invitations or even form a WhatsApp group with your coworkers. However, make sure that everyone on your team has access to that platform.

5. You Can’t Ignore The Menu

Isn't the menu something that draws you in and makes you want to go on a picnic? You must prepare the menu list ahead of time. However, your menu may be influenced by your budget. Make sure the menu items are inexpensive, portable, and easy to serve in big amounts. Make sure you separate the vegetarians from the non-vegetarians so that everyone may enjoy their meal. In addition, you must consider the food quantity and allow all picnic participants to eat as much as they desire.

6. Picnic Is Incomplete Without Games & Activities

Games and Sports give extra delight in a picnic and help people interact with each other. The specific games you choose depend on your objectives and your members. If you want to build a better relationship, team games might be ideal. But if you just want to have a good time with your employees and their families, simple outdoor games may be enough. Like, you can organize a sack race, tug of war, ball on a spoon race, art contest, musical chair, badminton, go as you like for the children, etc. Games and sports arrangements in a picnic can add extra life to it and make your picnic brighter. Also, make sure to arrange some prizes for the winners.

7. Additional Entertainment

Some additional entertainment can also add structure and fun to the picnic. These types of events are different from games and sports; it is not any participatory event. It can be some music event that everyone can join after the end of the games. Like- you can arrange a live band, DJ, magic show, caricature show, dance show, etc. but don’t forget to consider your budget first. According to your budget, arrange these kinds of entertainments.

8. Set Some Rules

Even if it is a joyful day, you must have established some picnic rules. Make sure your employees are aware of the regulations ahead of time so that everything runs properly. You must also adhere to the venue's rules and regulations. Rules must be followed and plans must be made ahead of time. For example, if you're inviting family members or youngsters, alcohol should be strictly prohibited. Then make a list of who is permitted to engage in certain activities. Make a time for your arrival. Then double-check the location; if your picnic spot is in a neighbourhood, avoid loud music. Make sure that everyone at the picnic follows the regulations.

9. Arrange The Location Beforehand

Because your picnic place may not always include tables and chairs, set up the area ahead of time so that everyone may enjoy themselves. You can also prepare the cooking supplies, the gas stove, and the water supply ahead of time.

You're all set for a successful business picnic now. Also, remember to have some fun, make friends with all of your coworkers, and get to know their families.